Bluetooth can't find my contact list

  Chris the Ancient 11:29 11 Feb 2009

I have a Nokia 6820 (coz I like the qwerty keypad) and a Ford Focus with built in bluetooth within the Sony radio/cd system.

My last Focus bluetooth would pick up the contact list from my mobile with no problems at all.

Last week, my car was changed (perks of the job) for an identical model Focus (just a bit newer) and that bluetooth says my contacts list is 'unavailable'! It can find and display dialled numbers and received - but not the darned contacts list!

I have changed nothing within my phone, everything bonds OK and everything else works as it should. Any ideas as to where my contacts list has gone?


  mark2 19:57 13 Feb 2009

apparently these folks are one of the largest manufacturers of bluetooth car kits, i've seen a parrot h'free kit rebadged as a Nokia h'free kit.
I had an issue with my N95 not seeing the contacts list, but following advice from their support section now have contacts enabled. I don't see the N6820 listed in their compatibility section but they do have a comprehensive listing of phones and help pages, which may be of assistance even though it may be a different manufacturer, click here has instructions for Nokias and their radio/bluetooth/etc kit, maybe you could try adapting the instructions for your sysatm

  Chris the Ancient 11:12 14 Feb 2009

Thanks for that interesting link... I had a browse round that.

It does reinforce that I am trying to set up my bluetooth in the correct manner and that the pairings are correct.

I think what is confusing me the most is that exactly the same configuration worked fully and properly in my previous car (exactly the same model car and radio/bluetooth configuration); but not in the new one.

What I aim to do this weekend is completely reset my phone, take the battery out for a couple of hours (or more) and set it up from scratch again. I shall remove all pairings from the car radio and start from scratch there.

If that doesn't do the job, I will work on the basis that I don't need to go to the contacts list that often when I'm driving; it's more that I use it to answer incoming calls from one of two offices (and then only if it is _really_ safe to think of answering it.) If and when I do callbacks to either office, I always do that from the side of the road because those calls usually involve a lot of me looking at bits of paper and/or thinking. I can dial out from my phone and still listen/talk hands free through the system; so, it's not the end of the world.

It's just so flipping annoying that everything was OK until I changed cars.

I will keep the thread unresolved a little longer in case either my major reset does the job, or a solution is found.

  Chris the Ancient 11:55 16 Feb 2009

The promised hard reset of my phone (reset to manufacturer's settings), everything deleted and battery removed for a couple of hours seems to have done the trick.

I just wonder why it happened, though.

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