Blu- Ray video

  baldyx 21:27 28 Jul 2009

Can Blu-ray video dvds play on non -Blu-ray dvd players?

  OTT_Buzzard 21:40 28 Jul 2009


Short and simple!

  baldyx 10:48 29 Jul 2009

Beta -How many times do YOU think I have asked this question???????? Get it right mate

  OTT_Buzzard 11:02 29 Jul 2009


Never mind. If there's any confusion as to why blu ray discs can't play in normal DVD players, here some more info.

Blu ray discs are called 'blu ray' because of the colour of laser that is used to read them. Not suprisingly that colour is blue. A normal DVD uses a red laser. What difference does that make? A lot. Blue light has a far higher frequency than red light, hence allowing more data to crammed on to a disc. If you tried to use a red laser to read a blu ray disc there would not be high enough 'resolution' (for want of a better word) to pick up the individual data points.

There is also an issue of the hardware and firmware required to process the information - they are completely different between blu ray and traditional DVD's.

Blu ray players (shop bought, protected) have a lot of firmware in the units to process and decrypt the copy protection that is on blu ray discs. This is a far more complex and secure method than has ever been used on standard DVD's.

With all that said and done, most blu ray players can play normal DVD's.

  baldyx 11:12 29 Jul 2009

OTT_Buzzard Thank you very much for your help.

I have been using this Forum for about 3years now and all my queries/problems have been answered & solved by the good people who have responded.
Thanks all.

  dagnammit 12:22 29 Jul 2009

"Beta -How many times do YOU think I have asked this question???????? Get it right mate"

At least 3 times... here's two other threads of yours to refresh your memory.

click here

click here

  baldyx 18:42 29 Jul 2009

I sincerely apologise for this !

  dwaynedibbly 21:51 29 Jul 2009


Why dont you just fork out 20 quid for a Blu-ray disc, pop it in your dvd player, (Betamax/VHS/VIDEO 2000/Breville sandwich maker or whatever has recently been released in Muppetland)
Sit back, relax and watch the hi def snow that appears on your tv.

Who was it said "patience is a virtue?" He`d obviously never met baldyx.

Sorry FE, but some people should just be denied access to the wider world.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:49 29 Jul 2009

no need for that.

  Stuartli 22:53 29 Jul 2009

I'm told the Breville is the hottest thing around at the moment.

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