Blocking pest callers

  sean-278262 21:11 26 Feb 2007

I have myself a treo 650 on orange pay as you go. I currently have some person who has gotten my number calling me and saying nothing. I do not want to trouble the police with something such as this at this point. It has been on going for few weeks now and merely annoying. I have the number of the person, is there any way to block this persons number from calling me? Any advice would be welcomed. If there is no way to sort this simply I will just call the network and then the cops.

  Forum Editor 00:17 27 Feb 2007

Exactly the same thing happened to me a year or so ago, except that the caller (a woman) wasn't silent, she was horrendously abusive. I stood it for a couple of weeks, but after the tenth call in one day I snapped, and called my phone company. I was out through to a special department, and the person I sopke to couldn't have been more helpful - she said the best course in the long run was to allocate me a new number. She did it immediately, and I didn't have another abusive call. I texted or emailed everyone about the new number and that was that.

Speak to Orange. The fact that you're on Pay as you go shouldn't make any difference - you're a network customer, and a nuisance caller is a nuisance caller.

  sean-278262 00:35 27 Feb 2007

I am guessing no one knows a way I can avoid this requiring a new sim card? I think I will try the software to block this caller that I have seen. As using my phone as a business tool is something I would rather not have to change as I will have to change a lot of things. The wonders of the human mind I guess.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:40 27 Feb 2007

Q.Can I block calls from specific numbers on my mobile phone?

A.In most countries you have the option of blocking selected numbers from your phone; further information on this is available from your national Orange customer services. In the UK you can call the Malicious Calls Unit, via Customer Services, who will be able to help you with this.

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  ArrGee 12:33 15 Mar 2007

This should do the trick for you:

click here

  postie24 16:15 15 Mar 2007

Even if you block them,they will just ring you using a different number,best to change it.I know it means a bit of aggro changing things,but seems the best way to go


  sean-278262 16:52 15 Mar 2007

Was all sorted once I decided to just answer the phone and let them talk to my pocket for a few days. Many thanks to all who helped. Hopefully the peace will last.

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