Blocking a lost Blackberry phone

  DejiE1 00:43 13 Feb 2014

I had my blackberry phone snatched at gun point. How do I block the phone from being used? I have already blocked the SIM and had a replacement SIM.

  matt2000 22:22 15 Feb 2014

Go to this blackberry page and login to your blackberry id

click here

  Peterj77 08:22 13 Apr 2014

I believe that blackberry or most phones can now be remotely blocked which turns the phone useless to anyone else who tries to use it or sell on. I am sure your network carrier can advise on the next steps on what to do. I know for sure this can be done with an iPhone as this also was stolen but not at gun point thank God.

I hope you find a solution soon.

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