Blackberry newie and media manager

  littlestan 13:33 15 Aug 2010

Hi all, i'm a silver surfer and have acquired a Blackberry which so far (only had it a week) is an amazing bit of kit. I like the immediate email as two of my children are in Oz living and its a great way to read their emails without having to go to my pc.

However, I now took the next step and loaded the cd (i know it took a week but hey i was still finding my way round phone).. and it seemed to go onto my lappie (vista home premium)ok. However, then i wanted to transfer some of my pics onto my phone - not music as i have an ipod touch, but when i was on the desktop manager and i hit the icon for media install- i got this message:
"media manager unable to download media manager installer reinsert CD etc". I did that but then it wanted to just reinstall everything again so i cancelled the reinstall.

not sure what i have done wrong. my daughter has shown me some fandangle way of getting to it via my computer, clicking on the blackberry icon and its a rather round the houses way, but worked, but I would just like it to perform as it should. What should I have done and what can I do to get it to work properly. Many thanks in advance. LS

  peter99co 17:36 24 Aug 2010

My install of software Version 5 also included Roxio Media software and it works well. An update to version 6 was rubbish and I have had to go back to ver 5 (had to uninstall vers 5 and 6 and start again)

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