" Black Overload?"

  jack 16:53 29 May 2007

Having installed a set of 3rd party cartridges into my R300 recently the out put has been somewhat less than satisfactory compared with prints of the same images previously.
They were coming up very dark is if from an underexposed frame.
Showing them to a chum his immediate reaction was- Too much Black, and that is indeed what it looks like.
Checking over the colour adjustments available to me I discover that print properties R300 allow for individual colour adjustment but not black,
Ink saver allows for overall ink flow but not individual colours.
My Editor -PSPX- allows for all sorts of things but I have not discovered a 'black' adjustment.

I concluded then a duff set of carts and returned the unused ones to the vendor who obligingly swapped them for another brand and one more for my trouble

I have yet to make the change but will a change of cartridges be the answer.
Or is it the old R300 playing tricks?

  jack 08:59 31 May 2007


  jack 19:37 01 Jun 2007


  anchor 11:52 02 Jun 2007

I have been using own brand cartridges for my Epson 895 from Choice Stationery for some time. I must say I cannot see any difference from Epson originals.

Did matters correct themselves when you used the replacements?.

  jack 08:19 04 Jun 2007

Oh yes a big change - like
click here

A new sort of trouble ;-(
Still struggling with this one.

  jack 08:20 04 Jun 2007

I have uses Choice previously - I shall order a couple of sets to-day like right now.

  sloworm 10:52 05 Jun 2007

I have been reading your 'black print problems' and I have had similar experience on Stylus Photo R300 printer. Using either 3rd party or original Epson carts I got heavy on the black prints through the XP wizard to print photos. I then tried using the free Adobe Photoshop Starter edition and the problem went away - not perfect but quite acceptable colour balance. Is this the answer? Have you had same experience?

  jack 11:52 05 Jun 2007

Well currently the machine is empty of carts- have just removed the 'Free' set coz the machine just will not recognise them ,am waiting the the Choice set to arrive.

I tend to use PSP10 for all image printing, and have not admittedly tried other editors, on the assumption it was a printer thing not an editor thing. So food for thought

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