Best setup for panasonic DMREX75

  De Nada 14:54 16 Jan 2007

Took delivery of above last friday,in the others options setup what is the best connection for it?i have a sony tv with two scart sockets one is for rgb the other is for external equipment,a sky digibox, it is fairly old, also has two scarts,one for tv other for vcr, (dont have vcr connected)hooked it up from instructions,in the setup options in others,what are the best settings for best performance? i am not sure what to do with them,the picture doesnt look very good,so i think i may not have it setup properly, i have two decent scart leads,thanks for any tips.

  fazer 18:39 20 Jan 2007

RGB cables are always the better option because the the different colour-channels are processed as a seperate item. However, do bear in mind that RGB cables are not cheap and neither do they carry sound. The DVD player has to be configured accordingly should you go down the RGB route.

  De Nada 19:56 20 Jan 2007

Thanks for reply, i think this machine is excellent,but i had a better picture before i installed it,i am going to move the scart lead from the RGB socket on my tv to the other one,the tv manual suggests this for a VCR,i will not be connecting one though,i could do with some help regarding the actual set-up options,what are the best settings for this machine, any owners of this machine please,what are your setings in others section?,thanks in advance.

  fazer 16:46 23 Jan 2007

De Nada,

I agree with your first sentence; I am a little disappointed with the picture as well and thats even using RGB cables as I described - there is a definate deteriation in quality when viewing through the EX75 on the TV's AV channel. I'm also concerned and somewhat perplexed by all the so called "excellent" reviews this machine has had - its TV picture is poor and no better at playing DVD's than my 10 year old Toshiba. It does however record TV at better quality than VCR !!

As for the settings, other than selecting the RGB out (if you go down that route) its almost down to your preferences - you need to experiment what picture settings you want. I for example have to keep the "sharpness" setting right down otherwise the picture looks dreadfull.

  De Nada 19:13 23 Jan 2007

Thanks,agree completely with you about recording quality,i recorded a programme on saturday afternoon to the HDD to get a bit of practice,it was just under two hours long,i used the high speed option and when i recorded it to a blank disc it took about three minutes which i thought was execellent,thanks again i have gone the scart route so i will keep trying with that,thanks again, T.

  Whaty 20:47 23 Jan 2007

I've recently bought the DMR-EX85 which I believe to be exactly the same except for the hard drive.

From what I've read the quality of the cable used to connect the DVD player to the TV is VERY important.

Someone on this forum has written a review on these DVD players and in their review they recommended a Monster 3 scart lead at about £50 - £60.

I've gone down the HDMI route and I have bought an expensive lead, despite this there is still a VERY, VERY slight deterioration in picture quality when watching Freeview compared to the TV itself. However, when watching DVD's or recordings made to the HDD the picture quality is excellent.

Maybe the answer is simply to use a very good cable, scart or HDMI?

  Flak999 22:29 23 Jan 2007

I have just taken delivery of the DMR-EX75 and have it setup with my older Panasonic VHS Video recorder. I bought two relatively expensive scart cables and the picture quality that I have got is excellent!

I also have a Panasonic 28 inch IDTV and I connected it all like this. One scart connection from the AV1 socket on the TV to the AV1(TV) socket on the DVD recorder (the top one) I then connected the second scart cable from the AV2(Ext) socket (the bottom one)on the recorder to the AV Out(Ext) socket on the VCR. The external aerial lead is connected to the RF IN socket on the VCR and a RF coax cable is connected from the RF OUT socket on the VCR to the RF IN socket on the DVD Recorder. Finally a second RF coax cable is connected from the RF OUT on the DVD Recorder to the RF IN socket on the Television.

I know that this is a very convoluted and detailed reply, but this setup has worked perfectly for me. All of the items of equipment being Panasonic are Q-Link compatible so that as soon as I switched the recorder on for the first time it automatically downloaded all the programme information for both digital and analogue channels, set the time and saved all the settings without any further input from myself.

I must say I am very impressed! The picture quality is simply excellent and recording quality from the hard disk and DVD-R disks is far superior to old VHS tape.

I hope this might be of some help.

  De Nada 16:26 24 Jan 2007

Thanks for replies,i did buy two masterclass scart leads to hook it up to the tv and my sky box,there are two scart sockets on my sky box,one for tv the other for vcr,when i had my vcr connected to my tv and sky that was how it was setup,now i only need one scart socket on my sky box as the dvd recorder takes sky and tv,is it correct to put the scart lead into the tv socket on the sky box and leave the vcr one empty?,i am still trying different connections,T

  Flak999 18:23 24 Jan 2007

I don't have sky myself just freeview, so I can only go by the instruction book, which says connect your scart to the bottom connector on the recorder AV2(Ext) and to the AV Out connector on your sky box! (Page 10 of the instruction book)

It does not mention what to do when you have two sockets on your sky box does it! I think you will have to try them both and see what you get.

Good luck!

  De Nada 19:44 24 Jan 2007

Thanks again,i will have to have a play with it all tomorrow like you say, and see what happens,cant get at the tv at the moment,(soaps).T

  FatboySlim71 09:32 27 Jan 2007

Yeah I agree with whaty, the choice of scart cable is very important when using such top kit.

I own the DMR-EX85, every single scart lead on my AV equipment is Monster 3 scart cables and the picture is superb, the colours are really vivid but natural, and the picture sharpness is superb.

If you are gonna purchase a £5 scart lead (IM NOT SAYING THAT YOU HAVE DONE THIS) then using this poor quality lead on such a top end bit of kit will show the faults on this lead, most if not all cheap scart leads are NOT FULLY WIRIED, which means that even if you select RGB on your DMR-EX75 you will not be getting this as the scart lead needs to be fully wiried to show an RGB picture.

Secondly, a cheap scart lead is not fully screened and as such will be A LOT MORE prone to picking up and showing interference on its picture. as the poor quality scart lead is not screened well enough from it. Monster 3 scart leads are A1 quality I can not recommend them more highly, fair enough the Monster 3's are around £60 a lead but the quality is excellent and im sure they carry a lifetime warranty as well.

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