best program to watch live tv stations online?

  theDarkness 01:46 17 Oct 2009

Ive just tried out Sopcast, which is great program for watching free-to-view foreign tv, live and online! It has one major flaw however.. most of the default channels are from the east, and dont even have subtitles! Its still worth it for the comedy factor though- to be able to catch some of those insane japanese quiz shows where contestants have to literally run after their cash, needs no translation! :) lol. i would recommend to try sopcast out from this link, its a small program and you dont need to register to use it click here start the program and log in as anonymous-you just need a broadband connection.

I am wondering if there a way using sopcast (or via any similar programs out there) to list a wider variety of available tv channels, preferably english speaking or with a subtitle option? Im guessing with live channels, subtitles arent going to be a very likely option unless the channel always has them viewable, but its obvious live tv online is going to become very popular as the average internet connection speed gets much faster. are there programs out there other than sopcast (or different server addresses I could add to sopcast) for a wider variety of tv channels? is there anything that anyone would definately recommend to try out? thanks for any suggestions!

  Stuartli 12:59 18 Oct 2009

I have JLC's Internet TV:

click here

installed on my system and occasionally try it out if there's nothing worthwhile on Freeview (I have a Freeview PCI TV card).

There are hundreds of channels available from many countries.

  theDarkness 00:18 23 Oct 2009

thanks very much to both of u-thats me all set up for an exciting weekend then :( lol! depending on how strict talktalk are, im not sure whether watching more than a few hrs of internet tv is going to completely diminish my download limit or not!? :O im not sure if it would count heavily towards it, and if so, exactly how many mins/hrs I would have to not go over before starting to worry about it, lol, but then.. perhaps theres little worth watching out there if you simply dont have access to the good 'ol BBC!! no sarcasm there, honest...... lol

  Stuartli 00:37 23 Oct 2009

Download Tautology Bandwidth Meter which will tell you exactly how much bandwidth is used (up and down) on a daily and monthly basis.

click here

I'm with TalkTalk on the 40GB monthly allowance - I've never got anywhere near that figure despite using my system for a lot of the day and evening.

  theDarkness 01:13 23 Oct 2009

thanks, forgot about a bandwidth checking prog :) Im also on 40Gb with TT, supposedly they send a one-off warning letter/email if u ever go over the limit, with no charges. ive been thinking of getting a freeview pci card also for this pc, as I need a new monitor, and thought internet tv or a freeview card would be ideal for it. freeview cards are pretty cheap, and ill assume even if the box didnt come with recording software, it might be possible to get it off the net? no idea on who make the best freeview cards though!

Ive just tried out JLC, plenty of channels on there so will be ideal if im ever bored- although there seems to be alot of channels that dont work, Im guessing channels probably appear/disappear constantly on here. theres a few excellent quality channels (picture quality), although with american tv- I still cant believe on the amount of advertising! ..and i thought itv and channel4 were bad, lol ;) ive noticed the bbc are also on here, but im guessing thats not official :O !! possibly a recorded channel (?) as it was not the same program on the net that was playing at the same time as my analogue 4 channel tv opposite the pc!


For UK channels (provided you are IN the UK) try click here

  proudfoot 12:39 26 Oct 2010

I have TV Catchup and it is very good.
Is there a site that you can download to be able to watch UK TV on a laptop when abroad.
I realise there would be a time difference when you are East or West of the Greenwich meridian.

If you subscribe to a UK Proxy you can use that to watch TV Catchup, free proxies are pretty hit-or-miss.

If you subscribe to a UK Proxy you can use that to watch TV Catchup, free proxies are pretty hit-or-miss.

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