Best Place to develop digital photos?

  o44wen 20:00 24 Aug 2006

I have been using boots and they sem to be always the cheapest option but i was wanting to see the optinion on people in this forum of which photo developer is the best for developing photos at a great price?

Please lisit prices and quality if possible please.


  STREETWORK 21:32 24 Aug 2006

Bonus Print,

click here

Quility is only as good as the:

a. Resoulution
b. The taker of the picture
c. The paper its printed on

I have used them and they are comparable with many and often cheaper. From 5p a print.

  pj123 22:23 24 Aug 2006

What's wrong with DIY?

What is it you want to do with them?

I use Paint Shop Pro to edit and enhance my digital photo's.

They are printed using an Epson R220 printer with Instant Dry Photo Glossy Paper from Choice Stationery: click here

  anchor 16:33 25 Aug 2006

Bonusprint have "20% off" until 1st Sept.

click here

The promotional code is AUGSALE06

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I have used them before and their quality is very good. However, as STREETWORK said, the results from anywhere are dependant of the quality of the original image.

  Sibbo 16:49 25 Aug 2006

I normally print my own, but have used Photobox in the past when they had an offer on. The enlargements that I received from them were very good.

  jack 20:05 25 Aug 2006

Try some different one- send the same photo to a couple of online printers- take the same to Boots/ASDA/Hessops
make a comparison.
DIY if fine[As PJ123 suggests -if you have the interest and suitable kit but not the cheapest by anymeans]

  badgery 08:48 26 Aug 2006

DIY might not be acceptable for passport applications though, according to passport agency literature - so may need to send to 'commercial' printers for that.

  sikefula 09:01 26 Aug 2006


...nothing will beat the 3-5p/photo option-the cost of photo paper and ink for a DIY job is not worth it-unless you just want to print the odd picture now and then-not a whole bunch of tens/hundreds of photos-if yu go for the discounted option-you will get your prints for next to nothing-use online services by all means,if you could!

  jack 09:03 26 Aug 2006

I have found the both Passport and my over 70 new driver licence both accepted my phizog self taken with my digi cam held at arms length.
An elder lady friend who did not like the photo-booth representations of herself got me to take her photo on the digi cam against the pebble dash wall of the outside gents at a country pub we happened to be lunching at - got got accepted OK too.

  badgery 11:15 26 Aug 2006

Agreed, jack, but it's not the 'taking' of the photo, it's the Printing that may cause the problem.
The passport agency says, Quote:- "The photograph must be printed professionally. Photographs printed at home are not likely to be of an acceptable quality." -End of quote.
Is the risk of sending and having rejected worth the risk? Or best to send your pics from your camera to Boots, Truprint, etc?

  pj123 16:50 26 Aug 2006

Like jack, I also had no problem taking, printing and sending my photo to the Passport Office and the DVLA. All accepted, no problem.

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