Best Digital SLR

  MuDelta 17:41 15 Jan 2006

After thirty years of film and six or so of "idiot resistant" digital, I am going to go over completely to digital and SLR.

What do you think to be best in the price range up to say, £700 - cheaper being more desireable, of couse?

  Fatbelly 18:24 15 Jan 2006

Just after Christmas I bought Nikon D50 with the 18 - 70mm lens.
I am very pleased with my purchase, images are crisp with good colour saturation and correctly exposed. The price at Jessops is £582 and you can get it with 12 months interest free credit.
You will not be disappointed.
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Also click here for the Jeesops offer.
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  Fatbelly 18:31 15 Jan 2006

For additional information, before purchasing my Nikon D50 I spent many hours researching which was the best DSLR, including trying the camera out at the shops.

The Canon EOS350D is an obvious competitor to the D50, but the Canon is more expensive and does not feel as sturdy as the D50 and the Canon lens is no where as good as the 18 - 70mm Nikon lens.

  ade.h 21:36 15 Jan 2006

Canon EOS1 DS MarkII for 35mm or Mamiya Pro-D 7000 for med-format.

Well, you did ask... ;-)

Being serious for a mo; in your price range, the EOS 350D is the obvious and outstanding choice if you want new. If you are willing to buy used, an you should be able to get an EOS1 D MarkI or possibly MarkII for that money. That would be my choice I think, but I don't mind used SLRs; two of my four bodies are ex-pro.

  ade.h 21:39 15 Jan 2006

Oh, and if you get a new 350D, you might want to get it body-only and put on an L-series 18-25mm instead of the standard 18-55mm.

  HXP 22:36 15 Jan 2006

I have a 350D and it is a very good camera (£550) so gives you a little left for a lens or a flash etc.

No point in saying it is better than a Nikon because those that have a Nikon would defend their purchase and no point in a ' my xxx is better than yours ' arguement.

For the money the canon is very good and as it is the top selling DSLR there are a lot of 3rd party add ons for it - a remote activator (£40 from canon) £10 on the web - same for spare batteries £10 for a spare.

Visit click here for an unbiased review and as they independantly test 1000's of camera's they should know. - and by the way this build quality not as good as is a bit of a smokescreen dreamt to throw doubt on a superb camera. ( oops nearly slipped in the mines better than yours trap)

350D - you wont regret it


  ade.h 22:40 15 Jan 2006

The Nikon is good too - but you need to think not just about which camera to buy but which system to buy into, because that is what you're doing when you buy an SLR of any format.

I have a lot of respect for Nikon - it is the only 35mm SLR manufacturer that can stand alongside Canon. I'm sometimes borrow a friend's F6 and D1, and he has to prize them from my hands at the end of the day!

  hssutton 23:02 15 Jan 2006

The best of the bunch as to be the Canon 20D, if you buy before the 31 Jan there's £100 cash back making it £739, unfortunately that does not include a lens.

I guess this leaves you with the Canon 350D & Nikon D50 both being very good cameras, probably with the 350D having the edge. As egonomics play a very impotant part in choosing a camera, you really need to handle both.
One thing is a certainty of the two kit lens Nikon is far superior. so if you go the Canon route buy body only.

But also have a look at the Konica/Minolta Dynax 7D with built in image stabliser + AF DT 18-70mm F3.5-5.6 D Price £669.if you buy before the end of Jan You will also get a battery grip and a 1Gb memory card.

But being a Canon man, I have 2 of their DSLRs, I must say go the Canon route.

  MuDelta 11:57 16 Jan 2006

Thanks all, my reading inclines me towards the Canon 350D and that seems to be the verdict of most of you. I think that is what I will do even though it means abandoning a fine collection ov Pentax lenses - from my filn cameras.

Tahnks again


  ade.h 13:57 16 Jan 2006

Whoa! Hold on a mo'. Are they Pentax-AF or manual fitting? You didn't mention an existing set of lenses before.

If they are manual, you'll have to wave goodbye to them anyway - part-ex deal or flog them on the ubiquitous eBay perhaps - but if they are AF, perhaps one of the Pentax D-SLRs would at least be worth a look.

Now I've never been a fan of Pentax AF SLRs - it's a shame that they don't live up to their pedigree - and I have not tested the Pentax equivalent to the 350D et al. So I can't endorse it.
But maybe you should have look at it just to be sure of the best option.

May not be an issue if you won't buy extra lenses for your new camera, but that might be significant.

  hssutton 14:01 16 Jan 2006

You didn't mention that you had a collection of Pentax lenses, so at least consider the Pentax *ist DL, users of this camera consider it to be very good.

If your lenses are compatible (PENTAX KAF mount compatible with PENTAX KAF2-, KAF- and KA-mount lenses) then this would seem the obvious way to go £460 without lens or + 80 with 18-55mm lens.Don't forget to take into account the "Crop Factor" of 1.5. Effectively this increases the focal length as an example a 100mm lens becomes 150mm. great at long, but not so good for a wide angle lens.

I changed from film about 6 years ago, best move I've ever made.

Check it out click here

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