Best Backup Program

  DJ Techz 18:40 26 Jun 2008


Can anyone suggest the best FREE backup program that can make exact copies of my hard drive that I can restore if anything goes wrong. I do have NTI Backup but I have never used it. They will be saved on a 500GB External Hard Drive. Could the software take off the last backup before doing a new one(or is that asking too much)


  FatboySlim71 22:37 26 Jun 2008

The below program is not free but believe me it is well worth the £25. It has helped me out many times to get my computer up and running again in less than an hour. Believe me it is £25 well spent. A bit of advice if you do buy it, you can save yourself £15 by purchasing from Amazon.

Acronis also has an excellent forum as well, I have always found them very knowledgeable when I have needed help.

click here

click here

  JoeC 10:40 27 Jun 2008
  scotty 13:52 27 Jun 2008

I recently replaced a harddrive on a Windows pc with a larger drive. I found a free solution which performed an exact disc copy of the small drive on to the large drive which allowed me to just plug the new drive in as Master - no problems with Windows activation or anything. Process will also work to create a backup. I used a Linux live cd and used the dd command. Example instructions can be found click here .

You may want to partition your 500GB drive with a partition the same size as your hard drive and create the backup in that partition.

I realise this may not be the ideal solution particularly for anyone who is unfamiliar with Linux but it really is worth knowing about and considering.

  Charpentier 10:31 15 Feb 2010

Just forget all the software and try Magic Backup.It is a service that uses our high-speed Internet connection and our Windows® PC to make backup copies of all our important files to a remote location that we provide. They install a small program on our computer that locates and makes secure copies of our pictures, movies, music, documents and other important data silently and automatically. Magic Backup keeps track of new files and changes to existing files so it always knows what needs to be backed up. It performs what they call "Automatic Continuous Backup" in the background without interfering with the normal use of our computer.Magic Backup is the only backup service which allow us to access all of our backed up files from any computer anywhere with an Internet connection and a Web browser. No need to install any software! click here

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