best backup?

  podlod 07:31 29 Feb 2008

Salut, being a part time photographer needless to say I have thousands of photos and half of them now I have taken with a digital camera, and although I have saved them to a disc I also save them to an ext hard drive.
I read various amounts of forums concerning photography and I am now concerned that in time you cant trust discs in the future, and you cannot be sure of hard drives breaking down.Can anyone tell me of a rugged or robust hard drive which has 99% assurance it will not break down?, or another way that I dont know of that will be able to safeguard my photos from disappearing forever!!! thanks for any info.

  ICF 08:03 29 Feb 2008

There isn't a 99% safe method.

All you can do is back up with CD/DVD,hard drives & Flash memory drives.You can also upload data to store it online.

  podlod 10:15 29 Feb 2008

Ok thanks for the info, maybe you know a good site you can advise me to go to for storage?

  ^wave^ 10:19 29 Feb 2008

as icf said make several copies on different media external drive get one thats a raid configuration and then do regular backups and hope for the best

  Kemistri 14:00 29 Feb 2008
  peter99co 16:45 29 Feb 2008

I have heard the the Doomsday Book was digitally copied to preserve the original and that the resulting copy is now becoming out of date.The original is 1000 years old!

  Pamy 17:18 29 Feb 2008

And do not forget the copy's, paper or digital,HDD or CD/DVD locked away in a private vault in Switserland )or how ever you spell it).

  podlod 19:00 02 Mar 2008

Hi, Info you wanted to know as follows;
Windows XP Home Edition.
2gig AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual core.
Asust ek PC.A8N-SLI premium 1.02 motherboard. 22.31 gb free. 209.50 gb free.
Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT graphics.
Realtek AC 97 audio.
Game being Medievil2 Total War.
Hope this helps?
And this is more important than the doomsday book, as this is not finished!!! thanks.

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