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  Sapins 16:59 24 Apr 2006

Can the passenger hold a GPS device instead of fixing it to the windscreen and having to remove it and the fixing point each time you leave the car?

Do all the devices come with speed camera information?

  oresome 18:38 24 Apr 2006

Can the passenger hold a GPS device instead of fixing it to the windscreen and having to remove it and the fixing point each time you leave the car?


Do all the devices come with speed camera information?


Not sure why you would wish to remove the fixing point very time though?

  Sapins 19:18 24 Apr 2006

I'm told that the fixing point lets tea leaves know there might be one in the car so they break in to find out. I'll have to check out which ones have the camera detection, 2 recent €90 contributions to the governments coffers are enough for now.

  Forum Editor 19:27 24 Apr 2006

of GPS devices are on the increase, in fact there's a minor epidemic of it in some areas - and Sapins is right, Police say that thieves look for the fixing cradles, and break into cars to get the devices.

  anchor 10:12 25 Apr 2006

From what I read in the the SatNav forums, theft of SatNavs is increasing at an alarming rate. Even the ring mark left on the windscreen will attract them.

I have a new BMW 5 series. I found that the space in front of the LCD display is ideal for placing my TomTom Go 700.

I put it on a "Sticmatz Supersticky Mat" which prevent slipping, and just for extra safety, wedge a small piece of Spontex at the top. It works fine, no problem in receiving all the satellite signals.

On parking, I remove everything, and place it out of sight in the locked glove box. No evidence that there was ever one fitted.

  anchor 10:40 25 Apr 2006

Sorry Sapins, I did not get round to answering your queries.

Regarding your passenger holding the Satnav; impossible to give a definitive answer. Most probably Yes, but this will depend on where the passenger may be holding it, and the type of windscreen in your car. The newer TomTom`s have a superior GPS receiver that will be better.

Speed Camera data: From what I read the best data base is from:
click here

This costs £2/month, with new data published monthly for download. Don`t bother with the TomTom one; users consider it is not a patch on the Pocket GPS World version.

  LANDCRUISER 23:39 25 Jul 2006

do not put anything of value in glove box even if its lock,i always lock my glove box & when i was broken into they forced the box open thinking there would be some goodies there because it was locked,not only will they take your sat nav they will distroy your glove box,it took me a month to get it repaired.take it with you & leave your glove box unlocked,

  oresome 12:25 26 Jul 2006

What a sad world.

On the one hand, having to hide any evidence of possessions from criminals, intent on stealing them.

On the other hand, using technology to try and escape the penalties for speeding.

  ~#@@#~ 21:04 26 Jul 2006

To your questions

Yes to the first

and no to the speed camera bit. There is a section in this months advisor about sat navs.

As to the mummies little darlings or tea leafs ;-)

Why not leave the glove compartment open so they can see it's empty. Then they won't have to hunt down a brick, carry it to your car and see how strong the passenger side window is.

  ~#@@#~ 21:10 26 Jul 2006

Some optional extras for the tomtom go? click here

  ade.h 21:45 26 Jul 2006

I had all my side windows laminated last year. It's a comparatively rare car, so it's a target. I don't use Satnav, though.

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