Battery Charging

  bluto1 14:35 28 Jul 2007

I have 4 x 700mAh Ni-CD batteries which charge fully on my battery charger.
I also have 4 x 2100 mAh Ni-MH batteries that only partly charge using the same charger. There's an auto cut out on the charger after 15 hours,(perfect for the Ni-CD batteries) and I want to know am I simplifying things too much by assuming that the NI-MH batteries only charge to the same value, 700mAh?
I will be buying another more capable charger soon, but I'm interested in the answer to this.
Any help appreciated.

  jack 15:01 28 Jul 2007

Myth or not , worth looking into
It is said that NiMah batteries have a memory.
And to recharge when partially discharged will only recharge down to the level of discharge, thus denying the user full capacity.
So to ensure that said batteries give full whack
they have to be completely flat before recharging.
The best way to do that is to put them into a torch or similar and leave on until totally exhausted.

  freaky 19:11 28 Jul 2007

Nicad batteries require a different charger than Nickel Metal Hydroxide, and vice versa.

NMH batteries are superior to Nicad, and don't suffer from memory loss.

Nicad's should periodically be completely discharged as per the post above.

  bluto1 20:52 28 Jul 2007

Thanks for the info lads, but it's unfortunately conflicting, but with either I always discharge them fully before recharging.
I'll leave the thread open a bit longer to get an answer to my original question

  rdave13 21:38 28 Jul 2007

This is getting ridiculous with recharging batteries. If batteries in a mobile pc/phone just recharge as instructed. Cordless phones the same instructions. Buying new rechargeable batteries nowadays come with full instructions. Incorrect charger will drain the rechargeable ones.Correct charger will charge your batteries in no time.

  ICF 07:09 29 Jul 2007

You need a different charger for Ni-MH.One of my chargers has a switch for Ni-CD or Ni-MH.This is a good charger very fast click here

  laurie53 08:15 29 Jul 2007

My charger has a similar switch. I never use it. I use the same setting, NiMh, for either type of battery as this has the lower charge rate. The NiCad setting will damage NiMh batteries, but not vice versa.

I,ve been doing this since not long after NiMh became popular, without any problems (so far!).

  ICF 10:37 29 Jul 2007

Why is the switch hard to change!

  jack 11:56 29 Jul 2007

I wrote myth or not- worth looking into- so not being fully conversant appear have got it wrong way round.
So not really conflicting- 0n;y confusinh ;-)

However if Bluto 1 discharges both fully- this is not the problem.

Perhaps it is the charger- I have recently had to discard a NiMah charger because it was apparently not doing the job any more- New charger charges batteries fine now.

  laurie53 15:22 29 Jul 2007

No but I once forgot to change it and left it on the NiCad setting and ruined a good set of NmH batteries.

  bluto1 17:57 29 Jul 2007

Thanks all for the input, and apologies for the absense. The batteries with the memory are Ni-Cad so it's best to fully discarge . I've not heard of separate chargers, the one I've got does both types without switching. A friend has recommended Lithium batteries so I'll have a look at those. Thanks again, resolved.

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