Bathroom Downlighters

  morddwyd 12:02 11 Jan 2015

(Oh, no! Not more lighting problems!)

My bathroom lighting consists of three small downlighters, installed when the council converted my bathroom to a wetroom about two years ago.

One of the bulbs has gone and I'm not sure how to replace it.

They look like small halogen GU 10 types, which should just need a small turn anticlockwise, but I can't seem to budge it.

Before I apply a bit more force I just want to check that this is likely to be the sort of bulb used in this situation, or if there is another, similar, type.

Obviously, in a bathroom, I want to be even more careful about not breaking the bulb!

  lotvic 14:29 11 Jan 2015

It seems to be not quite as simple as, Howto click here some instructions with diagrams to take out the bulb

Have you thought about replacing them with LED bulbs as cheaper to run than Halogen.

  lotvic 14:38 11 Jan 2015

There are Howto vids on YouTube click here but I can't watch them as I get 'An error occurred' - don't know if it's just my pc or what - will have to investigate :(

  lotvic 14:49 11 Jan 2015

It was just me, or at least just Firefox, as vid plays perfectly using IE11 :)

  Forum Editor 14:56 11 Jan 2015

Often these lamps need a little persuasion to move them.

Wear a rubber glove, and with your thumb and the side of your forefinger push and turn at the same time. The lamp and its lampholder should drop down, attached to its associated wiring pair.

You have removed the spring clip retainer before trying, haven't you?

In a wetroom the lights should be suitable for use in zone 1 locations.

  morddwyd 18:20 11 Jan 2015

"You have removed the spring clip retainer before trying, haven't you? "

No sign of any such, just a flush fit chrome bezel and the bulb.

Surely I don't have to go up into the loft to change a bulb!

  lotvic 01:34 12 Jan 2015

Could you take a photo and post a link so we can see what it looks like.

I read on ClickHere that the Chrome bezel should/might unscrew.

p.s. I fixed my nonplaying youtube prob by uninstalling Flash. Apparently YouTube now uses HTML5 vids so flash isn't needed.

  BT 07:54 12 Jan 2015

Bathroom fittings for GU10 bulbs usually have a rubber washer (for want of a better word) in the socket to make the fitting water resistant. This can make the bulb much harder to turn to insert and remove as it grips around the bulb.

  john bunyan 10:34 13 Jan 2015

I use a gadget like this : Black sucker pad. You can get them on a stick but the hand version (although you have to stand on a chair or steps) is easier. Push the bulb in and out a couple of times to "ease springs" then push in and twist anti clockwise. Sometimes tricky to put bulb back in. My "sucker" came with the downlights. Maybe a local shop would let you have one.

  john bunyan 13:10 13 Jan 2015

Maybe this is in the wrong forum?

  morddwyd 19:36 13 Jan 2015

I've got an old valve grinding tool somewhere (anybody else remember those?) which I'm going to dig out when I can gedt outside!

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