back up of home movie dvd with menus and chapters

  eddiejackr 14:32 27 Jan 2007

I have a collection of home movies which I have burnt to DVD. I have bought an external hard drive so that I can have a back up of them all. I want to store a copy of each one on the hard drive, including all it's menus and chapters, and be able to burn a further complete copy to dvd in due course...

but i can't do it

I have dvd burning (tesco) and viewing (WinDvd)software. I have tried copy and paste of the VIDEO_TS files, but Win DVD cannot then view the folder - it says selected folder does not have valid dvd content. I can view individual files but these are just pieces of the whole dvd.

How do I do this - I thought it would be simple!

  rodriguez 14:57 27 Jan 2007

If this is a burnt DVD, it should be pretty simple - they don't have any Macrovision copy protection, unlike the commercial ones. If you copy the VIDEO_TS folder over, it will copy all the DVD content - menus, chapters, special features, the lot. You should have in that VIDEO_TS folder:


and then other VTS_xx_x.VOB files for each individual title and menu. Also there will be a few for the same title, as they're limited to 0.99 GB in size. As long as you have all of these files copied to the hard drive, it can still be burnt. Personally, I use Nero and then make a DVD-Video disc from the main menu. This creates an empty VIDEO_TS folder in the project where all these files can be copied. However, if your Tesco software doesn't allow this, see if you can change the disc properties to these options for a DVD Video compliant disc:

Data Mode 1
ISO 9660 only
Level 1 (max of 8 filename characters)
ISO 9660 character set
Disc-at-once write mode
Finalise disc

  eddiejackr 15:31 28 Jan 2007

very helpful so thank you

Can you tell me what VIDEO_RM files are?

  rodriguez 16:06 29 Jan 2007

I think VIDEO_RM are used in DVD RAM discs, which are usually used in DVD recorders that plug into the TV. These are slightly different as they have to be updated and rewritten (whenever a recording is deleted or edited).

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