AV/Sound Splitter

  ah1802 17:34 07 Sep 2007

Right my problem is i have just bought hdtv i have connected my pc and my xbox 360 to it, but my problem is i wanna have both of these running through the stereo, i have managed to do it but i need to unplug one each time i wana use it has there is only one aux on my stereo, is there any product out there will allow me to have to aux going in to my stereo, e.g. a aux switch???

thankin you


  holme 18:55 07 Sep 2007

The 'safest' way to do it is to have a physical switch box such as click here

However, you may be able to get away with using a simple 2-way splitter. The type will depend on whether the audio cables use stereo jack plugs, e.g. click here

or whether they use phono plugs, in which case of pair of these click here might do it (one each for the L & R channels).

Health Warning: Make sure all equipment is switched off before cabling up (just in case of static damage between boxes). HTH.

  ah1802 19:32 07 Sep 2007

thanks for the reply mate.

the cable connection on either ends of the cable is the red and white colours (so on the back of the stereo it needs a red and white cable input and the same is for the xbox 360 and for the pc) i had a look at thte links you gave me, but they all look so different. if you can advice me would be much appreciated.

once again thanks

  holme 20:14 07 Sep 2007

Have a look at this pikky click here

If all your cables end with the two red and white connectors as shown on the left, then they're most likely standard 'phono' plugs (with matching sockets on the stereo/xbox/pc).

If that's so, you can connect two cables together using the pair of phono adaptors click here already mentioned above.

Plug the two white plugs from the PC and xbox into one adaptor (to combine them) and the two red plugs from the PC and xbox into the other adaptor.

Then link the two adaptors to your stereo with another similar cable, again connecting white-to-white and red-to-red. Available in various lengths from .75m, see click here

Your local TV/radio shop might very well have the adaptors and extra cable in but, if not, people like Maplin will have them back to you in a day or so. HTH.

  holme 20:21 07 Sep 2007

I'm sorry, slight cock-up...

If you can plug the two adaptors directly into the phono sockets on your stereo (still observing the red/white colour scheme), you won't need the third cable.

But if you can't, the third lead needs phono plugs at one end and phono /sockets/ at the other (to plug in the two adaptors), see click here

Sorry about that...

  ah1802 01:03 08 Sep 2007

Thank you so much for your help mate :) it works out all I need to buy is the Gold-Plated 2-into-1 Phono Adaptor. I shall be purchasing them tomorrow. I will let you know how i get along. Once again Thanks


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