Automatic Slideshow Photo Frame

  tribbleuser 11:45 28 Oct 2010

I am looking for a 10" digital photo frame which will automatically come on and start a slideshow when it is connected to power. It will be inside a perpex case when completed, so I don't want to have to open the case every morning to turn it on and start the show (there will be 15 of these and that would take a long time).

I have bought 2 so far, a Hama from Conrad Electronics (a bit flimsy and the company are hopeless) and a Philips from Maplin (click here). The Philips looked like my best bet but it still needs turning on and the slideshow starting when it is plugged in. If necessary I can trick the power button, but starting the slideshow means more of a modification than I want to make.

If someone can suggest a model which will do this it would put me out of my misery, as the specifications are not usually specific enough to choose one without buying it and playing with it. I am aware that the easiest way to acomplish this would be to use an LCD monitor and an MPEG player, but the cost is prohibitive.

I would also, ideally, like to be able to wire up buttons on the outside of the case to allow a user to manually page through the slides, although this is only necessary in one case and I probably will use a media player for this.

  Migwell 17:55 12 Dec 2010

I have a Kodak 7" but I recon they do a 10" also.
Mine is set to come on at 08:30 and off again at midnight. It can all be set up within the display and never needs touching.

I have once pulled out the mains adaptor lead and plugged it back in after a few days and it still started up and closed down at the right times. Seems just what you need.

  tribbleuser 09:54 13 Dec 2010

Hi, thanks for the responses, we've now solved the problem. For information, we found a firm called Living Images who sell frames with hacked firmware. They come on when the power does and immediately go into slideshow mode. (Timed frames were no good as the gallery power goes off at night.)

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