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  Forum Editor 20:33 28 Dec 2005

There has been a considerable increase in the number of people emailing me with individual requests for help. The server automatically notifies me where each email originates - whether the sender was logged in or not, and if logged in, from which thread the message was sent.

Suddenly I am receiving dozens and dozens of requests for advice and help from people who are not logged in, and in all probability these people have not registered with us.

Please note that:-

1. I cannot resolve individual problems via email - whether they are from registered forum members or from non-registered visitors. I just don't have the time, and it wouldn't be fair to other forum members.

2. I cannot undertake to acknowledge receipt of any messages from unregistered visitors - I receive lots of emails every day, and although I try to respond to those from existing registered members, those from non-members will always go unanswered I'm afraid.

3. If you are registered with us, and you have a problem please don't email me directly - I may acknowledge receipt of your message, but that might take a day or so, and I will not provide solutions in that way. Post your problem/request for advice in the appropriate forum area instead.

4. If you already have a thread running, and you write to me, asking for my input, I will almost always try to help, but it will not be via an email response - I will try to post on your thread. This is so others (who may have a similar problem) can see the resolution process, and so that advice isn't duplicated.

5. Please do NOT use the webmaster link at the bottom of the pages if you want to contact me. The email from that link does not come directly to me, it first goes to our server technical staff, and it may take days for it to be redirected.

By all means write to me if you have a problem with the forum, or if you want to say something that is better not posted in a thread. I'll try to reply as quickly as possible, but my mailbox has reached mammoth proportions now, and I may take a while to get back to you.

Feel free to contact me if any of the above is not clear - it's always good to get email feedback from you, it makes me feel needed.

  Forum Editor 10:48 29 Dec 2005


  swapper 13:33 29 Dec 2005

Another good thing about PCA, are these excellent, free Forums, and the FE's who monitor them, I'd have been lost in cyberspace by now without them.
With my patience, if I were a FE and got lots of uninvited emails, the senders would get a very, very short and explicit reply to read the rules.
I know that unfortunanately you are not allowed to use the language that I would (and its not Spanish) but the majority of us appreciate what we have here FE, and keep to the rules I'm sure, so - Happy New Year - to you and all of your readers!

Now, about my little problem........

  Forum Editor 14:54 29 Dec 2005

your help is appreciated. I've actually found a way to resolve the problem at my end - thanks to some helpful advice from a regular forum member. The solution was so blindingly obvious that it hadn't crossed my mind.

click here if you want know more.

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