Are there such things as sensitive DVD players?

  Jpeg6785 09:41 28 Jan 2008

Hi Guys,

This Friday the Family went down to Blockbusters and rented a few DVD's, the quality of them suspect to say the least, as you would expect quite a bit of scratching.

Now heres the problem in the PC only 5Mths old playing through the television DVD stops, jerks and hangs I presume becuse of the scratching, In the XBOX 360 the same thing in the same places just wont play, but in the lads personal DVD player it plays flawlesssley without issue.

So the question.. can you get players that are too senstive? are they sensitive because there cheap or is it the other way round there sensitive becuase they are better quality?

WHat I really need is an insensitive SATA DVD drive for the PC, any ideas or thoughts?

  jack 15:28 28 Jan 2008

The most common reason the DVD's falter on PC is usually lack of RAM memory or scratch disk
The firmware up on dedicated players is different to a PC.
In running DVD slide shows for various folk in various locations I have found that the higher the 'quality' the player the fussier they get. and a £20 special from Comet or ASDA is much more amenable to the high variety of disks- not only commercial ones of the pressed variety but also'Burned Disks from computers.
Indeed on one occasion when I was presenting from a sophisticated public system, and wanted to test the disk in the system - the technician in charge said - Oh! the posh one won't play that-
This is why we have this one connecting up an own brand from Walmart.

  Jpeg6785 15:44 28 Jan 2008

The PC is a HTPC linked up via HDMI to the LCD TV, and the DVD's are played through WMC via 32bit Vista using the infra red controller, its got a 640mb 8800GTS card and 2Gig memory.

Its just annoying that you are confirming what I think is the case and that Ive got to basically re-connect my 4yr old DVD player up to save myself the hastle. Does the software have any effect, if I run it through another peice of software say Power DVD would that make any difference?

I suppose other than that the way forward is to download content direct to the HD over the net, or purchase brand new discs and avoid hire....

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