Anyone got a Panasonic DMRES20D recorder ?

  mooly 18:21 13 Aug 2008

This is complicated !! Changes to the way Freeview is transmitted are being rolled out nationwide resulting in large numbers of receivers either unable to pick up digital transmissions at all, or causing stange problems such as missing channels. Google "freeview and nit" Many set top boxes , eg early Daewoo are now just scrap.
Wondered if anyone has the above recorder and does it still tune in correctly with all channels present eg BBC4, UKTV History etc.

  bowman 19:40 13 Aug 2008

I have this recorder, and every thing seems ok at this moment in time.

I have just had notice of a new DVB which the player downloaded but not sure what it was?

Thats the problem it doesn't tell you the name of the channel.

Hope this helps......

  mooly 07:36 14 Aug 2008

Thanks for replying. I have had 3 items all fail simultaneously, the failure coinciding with the rollout of the split "NIT" or network information table transmitted with the data stream.
A Sony TV, which Sony are hopefully fixing tomorrow by coming to download updated software. If I had not rescanned for channels and lost the stored MUX's an over air download would be available to correct this at some future date. Full marks to Sony for their handling of this and owning up to the problem and hopefully coming up with a fix.
A Daewoo set top box which is now scrap. This is widely reported.
And my Panasonic. Out of 6 MUX's it will only now store and recognise 3. This too coincided with the NIT rollout. These same "symptoms" are happening on different pieces of kit. At present I can't say for sure whether the Panasonic problem is 100% down to this. Interestingly on another forum last night (Digital Spy) a member posted this very problem. His neighbours DMRES20 was having "issues" with rescanning.

  mooly 07:52 14 Aug 2008

Should have asked-- What transmitter are you on ?

  bowman 17:23 14 Aug 2008

I get freeview through the Blaenplwyf Transmitter, West Wales........


"Freeview on Blaenplwyf requires aerial group/position WH, transmitter ERP 1666W, at 325m

Analogue: BBC1, BBC2, ITV Ch4 (Jun-08 To Jan-09) Possible Poor Reception & Short Service Breaks

Digital: Mux1, Mux2, MuxA, MuxC, MuxD (Jun-08 To Dec-08) Possible Poor Reception & Short Service Breaks Radio: Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio Wales,Radio Cymru,Radio Ceredigion, BBC DAB, National Commercial DAB (Jun-08 To Jan-09) Possible Poor Reception & Short Service Breaks

[DUK] Analogue: BBC1, BBC2, ITV Ch4 (Aug-08 To Oct-08) Possible Poor Reception & Short Service Breaks Digital: Mux1, Mux2, MuxA, MuxC, MuxD (Aug-08 To Dec-08) Possible Poor Reception & Short Service Breaks Radio: Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio Wales,Radio Cymru,Radio Ceredigion, BBC DAB, National Commercial DAB(Aug-08 To Jan-09) Possible Poor Reception & Short Service Breaks [DUK]"

Hope this helps.

  mooly 17:52 14 Aug 2008

Thanks for that, I will see if I can find out anymore. Interestingly the Daily Telegraph today had a short article "Freeview fallout 250,000 left with blank screens".
The problem with my Panasonic on Winter Hill is that whole MUX's are being ignored. I even did a factory reset back to it's shipping condition, but no go. Still missing certain channels. Have emailed Panasonic again today. Sony at least acknowledge the issue and are doing something about it. These problems are only just coming to light as the transmitters are changed over region by region.
Will keep you posted hopefully !

  bowman 20:28 14 Aug 2008

A small update.....

Tried a Auto-setup-restart, first try, lost BBC1, second try, lost BBC1 & BBC2 also ITV, third time all channals found ok.....

  mooly 07:23 15 Aug 2008

Interesting. Are you sure ALL the channels are there. If you go into the set up menu just below "autorestart" is "check signal strength".
If you go into this it tells you what channel (MUX) each program is on. Use the channel up/down to see them all. I have whole MUX's missing but interestingly it's not 100% consistent, I can rescan many times and then suddenly get a different result. All this coincided with an on screen message to rescan for a new service which in itself coincided with the Freeview changes.

  bowman 16:27 15 Aug 2008

Well I've been through all the channels and they all seem to be between 8-10 in strengh.

The player did do a update for DVB after I had checked the signal strengh and 30 more channels were added???

Have not looked to see what they were, but would have thought these were Radio channels.

  mooly 16:53 15 Aug 2008

It's puzzling. On Winter Hill we have MUX's on CH66/67/68 as well as 40/43 and 56/60/63. The 40/43 are called "Winter Hill B" and are a "fill in" for areas that struggle with I think 56 and 60. Those at the top end are obviously close together.
I tried another rescan with 9 db attenuation in the aerial lead and have got most but not all channels. No "Dave" on 19 is it and no Sky news on 82 are the obvious missing ones. Before the change to Freeview I never had a problem. I have even tried scanning and quickly connecting then disconnecting the aerial as the scan proceeds to try each MUX in turn.
Still no response from Panasonic again unlike Sony who have been very helpful. Even phone calls to Sony are answered immediately, no holding etc -- brilliant.
I looked at your transmitter on the the UKFREEETV website. It says I should be OK in Blackpool area to receive Freeview from Blaenplwyf, with perhaps low signal on one channel and that it may say Wenvoe instead. Maybe they think my aerial is on top of the tower. Unbelievable !!

  mooly 07:39 16 Aug 2008

Something else keep forgetting to mention. Text particularly on ITV is slow, can take up to 2 minutes to load a page if at all. Also on BBCi multiscreen Lip Sync is always a mile out -- never used to be.

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