Anyone got one of these

  peugeot man 20:46 26 Sep 2009

I have just ordered a Sciphone i68+++/i69 from what seems to be a legitimate UK supplier based in Luton.

click here

Basically it is an iphone but sim free. I have done a lot of web research and am satisfied that it has a good chance of being value for money at £69!

The only thing I am missing is feedback from anyone who actually owns one and can give first hand experience.

I'm hoping some of you have one and can give some feedback, So folks over to you.

  crazyc1 22:10 26 Sep 2009

I would have grave reservations about this, particularly depending upon what you are expecting it to be ('basically an Iphone')

Does it Sync with Itunes? What about syncing email either via home accounts or an Exchange server?
What operating system does it run? What web browser? Despite having 3G in the name, does it work on 3G? How does the operating system get updated? I cannot see Apple allowing their o/s to run on a non Iphone, and they are always stopping people like Palm from getting their non iphone devices to Sync with I tunes, so I cannot see how they would allow what are the major functions of the Iphone to run on a cheaper device.

I fear it will be something that looks like an I phone, but thats all. If it does not run the Iphone operating system then presumably you cannot use Iphone apps (there's an app for that....)

I guess it depends what you expect from it.
If you get it then it would be interesting to hear your experiences. I would love to be proved wrong.

  Forum Editor 12:28 27 Sep 2009

No, it isn't, but nevertheless it doesn't look too bad on the face of it, although it won't work on the 3G network. In fairness to the supplier that's made very clear on the website.

The phone supports MP3 files, and you'll have to plug it into a USB port on your computer and drag MP3 files onto it, but that's hardly the end of the world.

Otherwise, the specification isn't bad, considering the £70 price tag. It will be interesting to hear how you get on with it. You're buying Chinese technology, and some good stuff is coming out of China at the moment.

  PP321 22:09 04 Feb 2010

Not wanting to disagree with the FE but..

I repair and unlock mobiles for a living, and these are utter junk, and i speak from persona experience, the ones i have seen (including this model) all suffer from the following.

> Unresponsive touchscreen
> Poor battery life (hence the two supplied batts)
> cheap tacky feel & look (up close)
> Insanely unstable software, with no way to restore.

> cheap "chinese" mains charger prone to failing, and in some cases exploding

> very little manufacturer support
> poor quality LCD
> poor call quality (confirmed by many of my customers).

Really, dont bother, yes it isnt expensive, but you really do get what you pay for.

  Forum Editor 18:37 05 Feb 2010

Thank you for that information.

My comments were based on the phone's specification, and that wasn't at all bad for a £70 price tag.

There's no substitute for personal experience though.

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