Any advice on a digital picture frame?

  John B 18:14 05 Nov 2007

Prices seem to be dropping and I quite like the idea of a wi-fi frame.

I've looked at this one click here

I wondered if anyone had any views about digital frames in general and wi-fi in particular?

I'd welcome any personal recommendations.



  siouxah1 20:08 05 Nov 2007

Do not have any experience of the one you point too.
Do try to get a good test before you buy if you can.
Bought a Cibox 9" job from PC World. My comments would be that it does what it says on the box.
However, the resolution was such that when viewed up close it was very pixilated and not clear at all. Viewed from six feet or so away the picture appeared as just a blob with little definition.

All in all I was very disappointed and it has been packed away and relegated to the attic. I would be very careful as to what I purchased in future. Not sure that many of them have the resolution to do the job properly.

I do have other framed A4 size photos hanging on the wall and the frame could not even approach that quality.

I have not looked at any other types so cannot say that they would all be similar.


  John B 20:36 05 Nov 2007

I appreciate your comments; I'm interested in the viewing range aspect. I'm not sure what resolution I should be looking for.

  siouxah1 22:09 05 Nov 2007

about the resolution required. But would have thought the higher the better. The one I tried was 640x480 i think. They do not seem to quote resolution, anywhere on the box or documentation. It was an impulse buy that I regret.LOL.
Would therefore think that at least 800x600 is required, but have not viewed one at that resolution on that size screen. Sorry I can't be of more positive help on that.

The other thing to consider is whether most of your pics are portrait or landscape. On the Cibox when placed in landscape mode on a surface, any pic that is in portrait mode appears very small. Especially if the screen is 16:9 model.


  Stuartli 11:36 06 Nov 2007

You don't need too high a resolution for a 7in digital picture frame, certainly not 800x600.

We have one and find it's very convenient for showing a number of photos in slide show form or videos with sound to visitors - it can also be used to show them on a TV set and comes with the appropriate cables.

Branded Claire, it cost £70 (a present from one of the offspring); the specifications don't list the actual resolution, but it's perfectly adequate for the purpose.

  Stuartli 11:47 06 Nov 2007

Just found a photo and specs of the Claire frame (and a much lower price plus memory card):

click here

  John B 16:45 06 Nov 2007

Thanks for the feedback and the link Stuartli

  siouxah1 20:17 06 Nov 2007

Stuartli. Quote "You don't need too high a resolution for a 7in digital picture frame, certainly not 800x600."
You may have missed it but if you look at John's link it refers to a 10" screen. My comments were for this size of screen and not a 7". Would you not agree that 640x480 or thereabouts would not be suitable for that size of screen?


  Stuartli 23:25 06 Nov 2007

Most of the cheapo digital photo frames suffer from too little resolution rather than too much...:-)

A webcam 640x480 display on my 21in CRT monitor is remarkably good, so it's likely to be more than adequate on a 7in or 10in photo frame.

However, few manuafacturers seem to specify the resolution in specifications.

  siouxah1 10:43 07 Nov 2007

I will not get into a discussion on resolution. I have just viewed a photo at 640x480 on a 22" Samsung LCD monitor and to be quite honest I find it blurred and fuzzy. We are after all talking about an LCD panel not CRT.

Sorry if I have Hijacked your thread John, but suggest you attempt to try before you buy and go on your own assessment.


  John B 16:14 07 Nov 2007

I welcome any thoughts or discussion on this... I think I do need to try before I buy.

I'm particularly interested in the 'viewing range' that you mentioned.



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