Android Phone To PC Clone?

  ShaneNeedham 05:22 06 Jun 2014

What I am trying to do Is put my phone on my PC and be able to use all the functions of my phone on my PC from my PC keyboard and mouse. Example phone is in bedroom and I am on the lanai, I hear my phone ring and I can answer it from my PC out on the lanai, then I need to get into my Phone calendar from my PC because I just lined up a new appointment. I know this might be a newbie question but it is driving me nutso...I have tried using a vnc server, snaPpea, and many more but none of them have true seamless functionality.......Please any advice would be greatly appreciated and this might not even be possible but I do not like the word impossible, so bring it on.....



  ShaneNeedham 03:23 07 Jun 2014


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