Analogue TV - first switch off Q4 2007

  dms05 16:48 15 Mar 2007

The first of the promised analogue TV switch offs is due later this year click here

  dms05 17:03 15 Mar 2007

How the digital switchover will happen in Whitehaven:

From early May, captions will appear on analogue channels warning viewers the TV set must be connected to digital.

In the early hours of October 17, BBC Two will stop broadcasting in analogue and the first group of Freeview digital channels - BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC News 24 and CBBC - will become available.

During this transitional stage, analogue ITV1 will move to button 2 on remote controls to make way for the first group of digital channels.

In the early hours of 14 November, the remaining analogue channels will be permanently switched off. Every home in the area will then be able to receive at least 18 Freeview channels, including ITV2, E4 and BBC Four, plus digital radio, via an aerial.

  mole44 17:11 15 Mar 2007

the first analogue change was at Lanstephan and Ferryside in wales a couple of years ago as a usual the media get it all wrong.

  mole44 17:12 15 Mar 2007

oops analogue switch of i`s been a long day

  Stuartli 17:25 15 Mar 2007

But you will still be able to use your analogue TV sets, although many seem to think the opposite.

  oresome 18:56 15 Mar 2007

I wonder if any of you have noticed the deteriation in digital picture from a set top box when there is no analogue signal present?

I sometimes get annoyed at the floating picture behind a digital transmission......this is actually the analogue channel the TV is tuned I turn the TV to a unused channel with no broadcast transmission.

The digital picture is now much worse. Instead of having a faint picture behind it, it is snowy from the noise on the unused analogue channel breaking through.

We've three sets in the house with STB's and they all exhibit this problem. Doesn't bode well for when analogue is turned off.

  mole44 09:32 16 Mar 2007

i had bad picture quality on digital,i solved it with a new wideband aerial.

  Stuartli 09:35 16 Mar 2007

This can/could be caused by the various cables linking your set top box to the TV, perhaps via a VCR, being tangled up together.

Try separating them as much as possible.

  dms05 09:47 16 Mar 2007

I find it best to have either 'all analogue' or 'all digital' reception. To overcome the problem above I simply don't have the antenna connected to the TV but use SCART for Freeview.

However it does beg the question - how many people will have less than perfect reception because they don't know any better. Also with STB's for Freeview easily available for £25 who's going to employ a professional installer at a cost of £50+ to sort out any problems.

We live on the edge of the reception area and I find I can use signal boosters to improve the reliabilty of the ITV channels (who use a higher compression than the rest).

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