Analogue input to DVD recorder?

  Baz48 12:42 20 Aug 2007

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to record from an amplifier on the fly to a stand alone DVD/CD recorder rather than via a file on the PC?
Basically as the Mini-Disk does.

  holme 12:43 21 Aug 2007

I'm not clear what you mean but perhaps this may assist.

By 'amplifier', do you mean an audio amplifier?

If so, although a stand alone DVD/CD recorder will replay CDs, I don't know of one which will /record/ to CD.

However, a suggestion is to connect the (audio only?) output of the amplifier to a DVD recorder - there will most likely be audio IN sockets on the front panel, maybe under a flap - and record either to hard disc or, alternatively, direct to /DVD/ (i.e. not CD).

The restriction is that, if you record to DVD, you'd need to replay the disc on a DVD player; it won't run on a CD player.

HTH, but apologies if I've misunderstood.

  Baz48 20:33 22 Aug 2007

Thanks for the reply.

Yes that is exactly what I want to do and it is the CD recording that I am after.

Someone has shown my wife a CD recorded from a Karaoke machine, which is basically a mixer/audio amplifier, without the use of a PC. I am a bit sceptical about this, unless there is a stand-alone CD recorder that will record in real time.

Any analogue recordings I have done in the past e.g. records or tapes, have been done via the PC.

  holme 21:16 22 Aug 2007

Well I've just done a quick trawl and, although there are plenty of stand-alone CD recorders available, they're at at extremely silly prices (200 quid minimum).

Some may appear cheaper at first sight but they're disc-to-disc copiers and don't appear to have an analogue audio input.

It seems cheaper to buy a cheapo computer. How very, very silly. :-(

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