Aerial boosters

  AlanSplinter 22:33 10 Aug 2010

I live in a very weak Freeview area and I barely get a picture on some channels with an out side aerial and a Antiference signal booster. If I attach another signal booster - so that I have 2 boosters between the aerial & the Freeview box would this boost the signal further or would it have no effect?

  BRYNIT 00:46 11 Aug 2010

Adding another signal booster will not increase the signal. How old is your aerial/cable? Old aerials/cables can also cause week signals.

  natdoor 11:15 11 Aug 2010

Some channels are broadcast on lower power than others, so this may be the cause. It is also possible that your aerial may not cover the full bandwidth required for your area.

It would be worth checking any readily acccessible cable connections. Oxidation of the metal can degrade performance and cleaning the connectors can help.

Digital reception tends to be good or non-existent. There is the case when heavy picture break-up occurs with characteristic pixellation. If this occurs only occasionally, then the cause is likely to be atmospheric conditions or local interference.

While an additional booster will increase signal strength, it will degrade signal quality by introducing some additional noise. This will not matter if the quality is already good and the problem is signal strength. An adequate quality is required to enable the error correction processing to function and produce a good picture.

So I would say that it is worth giving a further booster a try but is not guaranteed to work.

  oresome 23:55 11 Aug 2010

Good advice so far.

Assuming the existing amplifier is located at the aerial end and you have a long cable run, a second amplifier at the set end MAY give some improvement.

The best option is always to receive as large a signal in the first place by using a high quality aerial mounted as high as possible and accurately pointed and then lose as little of the received signal on the downlead as possible by using high quality cable.

Apologies if you've done all that.

  dms_05 11:30 13 Aug 2010

Two antenna boosters in series can be helpful in some circumstances. For example my son lives a very long way from Winter Hill transmitter (50 miles) but has perfect line of sight. The received signal is so low (but pure) that it's below the threshold of the receiver. Even one booster fails to pull in all the Multiplexes. However adding a second booster in series with the first increases the signal above the threshold limit of the receiver and he can now receive reliable Freeview on all channels.

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