Adobe CS3 - what a performance

  Kate B 12:42 12 Aug 2007

Yesterday my copy of the CS3 suite arrived: much cheering. After a long, slow process feeding my machine four DVDs, it told me some components had failed to install, including Photoshop (the one thing I really do want and use from the suite) and InDesign. I tried again. Same thing.

Cue much swearing. I then hit Google and discovered that I was not alone, that a lot of people have had the same problems. Nobody is quite sure what the cause is, but it seems to be something possibly to do with earlier versions of Flash. I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon trying various solutions, in the process breaking my install of Office (don't ask).

One suggestion was to install it on a completely clean install of Windows. In desperation this morning I have reinstalled Vista and the very, very first thing I did, before going online even, was to install CS3. And behold, it worked!

But what a nightmarish performance to have to go through. Adobe is apparently on the case, but I have now suggested we do a piece on this issue in the Guardian, so I'll be speaking to Adobe tomorrow.

So if you're thinking of installing this certainly lovely suite of applications, be aware that you might be in for a long and painful process.

And has anyone else had a similar experience?

  hssutton 14:13 12 Aug 2007

Kate, is this just a problem with the Creative Suite?

CS3 and the earlier CS3 beta version loaded without problem on my Vista machine, but in both cases it was a download from Adobe.

I have a number of friends and no one as mentioned a problem, but like me they downloaded from Adobe on the release of CS3.

Must admit to not knowing anyone who uses the full suite

  Kate B 14:25 12 Aug 2007

Hm, not sure, that's a good question. I think it's the suite as there are various components that fail to install. Have any of your friends gone for the full version after the trials/beta versions? Some stuff on the web suggests that some people have problems with installing the full version of the suite after having had a beta or trial version,

  hssutton 15:35 12 Aug 2007

All my friends are into photography so only use Photoshop.
Have not seen anyone complaining about install problems on the photo forums, so probably just the creative suite that is the problem.

  john bunyan 16:08 12 Aug 2007

Kate B
I only had one disc as I am still on XP Pro and bought the CS3 update ( Bought full Photoshop 4 and updated ever since. I finally deleted Version 6, but still haven't got rid of CS2 as it had Image Ready and I'm not sure if CS3 has it. The new Bridge is good. No major installation problems but still not sure if I should uninstall CS2.

  john bunyan 16:10 12 Aug 2007

Forgot - I only have CS3, not the full suite.

  Kate B 16:28 12 Aug 2007

I've got the Master Suite and it doesn't seem to have Image Ready - perhaps it's been superseded by something else, like GoLive has been superseded by Dreamweaver.

  hssutton 17:19 12 Aug 2007

CS3 does not include Image Ready, but most of the tools are incorporated within CS3 click here

  hssutton 17:21 12 Aug 2007

John I have both CS2 & CS3 running on my PC without any problem, so you could run both until you get used to the new lay-out/tools

  john bunyan 20:25 12 Aug 2007

Thanks. I did not use it much but think Image Ready reduced pix to a sensible size for the web - 72 dpi whereas I normally use 300 dpi for printing. Will take your advice and keep CS2 for a while. JB

  hssutton 21:21 12 Aug 2007

CS2 & CS3 will do "Save To Web". However that is something I never use as it strips out the exif

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