Adding speakers to Technika LCD Tv

  jen000 21:41 06 May 2009

Hi I bought a new Technika 19" lcd from Tescos (code LCD22-208) and although the picture is fine, the sound is poor. Unfortunately we have passed the 28 day limit to return it so I am wondering if I could add external speakers? I have had a look at the tv and there doesnt seem to be an output/speakers port. I am new to this so I may be mistaken. Please could someone advise me?

  Stuartli 00:50 07 May 2009

You appear to have a 22in TV...:-)

Specification at:

click here

Unfortunately it doesn't even have a headphone socket, although there are HDMI, Scart and VGA sockets...:-(

  jack 14:17 07 May 2009

I guess you are out of luck as with Stuart's comment.
You could mess around with adaptors to Scart socket-Scart to RCA plugs but then these will have to go to an amplified set of speakers.

To achieve this from any electrical store -
1. SCART/RCA adaptor.
2 Set of RCA leads
3. RCA/3mm stereo jack converter
4 Amplified speakers [ set of PC external speakers for example]

  jack 08:40 08 May 2009

Or through you existing audio system if it has AUX inputs

  fairwinds 09:31 06 Sep 2010

Same subject..

Just bought a 19" LCD Technika TV from Tesco, and would like to fix up external sound. The book says ( yes, I do read the book!) either use a Digital Coax cable to a sound system, or 3.5mm phono cable. I have speakers, also Technika, and a green coloured phono lead which works fine on the laptop in use, but when I switch the lead to the T.V. - nothing????

As I am not a techo, does anyone have a simple solution for me? Is it the speakers, or the lead or what??

Many thanks in advance

  Kevscar1 08:31 07 Sep 2010

Check you TV menu. Does it have a Aux sound out which needs ticking.

  fairwinds 09:13 08 Sep 2010

Thanks Kevscar - good thought...

There are only 2 settings on the menu. Bitstream or PCM

Have tried them both without success - so far. Trying different sets of speakers from around the house

  fairwinds 13:08 09 Sep 2010

OK cracked it! As always the solution was simple... Set the menu (sound) to PCM, and then look for a jack socket tucked away under the coax imput for the aerial. Impossible to see, but it is there, crammed in out of sight. Stick a 3.5mm bog standard phono lead in there, and Bingo!

I relate this in case anyone out there has a similar problem with the Technika 19" LCD T.V.


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