AA Lithium Batteries

  bluto1 20:54 23 Aug 2008

I've had a look in the archives and read PCA's article on the subject, and still need more info.
With ordinary use, roughly how much longer than a Ni-MH battery does Lithium work?

Is there a special charger for them?

Help appreciated.

  MAT ALAN 20:57 23 Aug 2008

click here

this may help...

  rdave13 21:02 23 Aug 2008

Or here; click here

  peter99co 22:53 23 Aug 2008

I think there is some cofusion here. You are stating AA size and Mat and Rdave are quoting Lithium/ion. I to use Lithium AA and feel sure they do not recharge.

  peter99co 22:56 23 Aug 2008

Sorry. Your link is to AA and does not show recharge. It is correct to say they last 7 times longer.

  bluto1 21:22 24 Aug 2008

It would appear that I've mixed the batteries up. Thanks for help, both questions are answered. Many thanks again.

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