4G mobile wifi and static IP's???

  Badjah 17:36 11 Mar 2016

I live on a houseboat in London. I have no means to a wired internet connection. I recently bought a 4G sim along with a Huawei 5773s pocket router on the 3 network in the UK, in order to play my playstation 3 online. Here's my issue; previously I would tether the playstation to my 3G iPhone 4s on the 3 network without issue, except for an occasionally laggy connection. The 4G mobile router when connected is great, but will only connect to the playstation network maybe 1 time in 10. Other devices connect to the router fine, and when testing the internet connection test on the playstation I see it is connected to the router, but that it fails afterward to connect with PSN (playstation network). Playstation support suggest I need to open up specific ports, (of which they emailed me a list), but not being too tech savvy I'm unsure where/how to do this in my routers admin settings. Huawei tech support said the couldn't tell me how port forwarding works on my device, but that a static IP would most likely remedy the issue, speak to my network provider... I was then advised by 3 network that I can only be issued a static IP for a mobile device if I were a commercial customer, rather than a private individual. At this point I'm all out of ideas and/or knowhow to remedy this situation. Any advice would be very welcome indeed.

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