40 inch Samsung LCD TV Humming

  Jammyjuju 19:19 17 Sep 2007

Just brought a Samsung TV however it hums which is noticable at low sound level, Samsung said this is normal, however when i went in to the shop the TVs on display didnt seem to hum , unless I just couldnt hear it over the noise of the shop. also what is the maximum distance of cable I can run between the PC and the TV? can I have the PC in one room and TV in another?

  PP321 22:13 17 Sep 2007

What is it your doing exactly ? are you running your PC through to the big screen?

And is the hum coming from the TV's own speakers, or have you connected them to an amp of some kind?

If its coming from the TV itself there should really be NO hum, unless you put your ear right up to the speaker , also, is this happening on ALL channels?

  Stuartli 08:25 18 Sep 2007

It could be a cooling fan in the TV set.

  mole44 08:43 18 Sep 2007

it could also be a mains transformer

  Jammyjuju 19:49 18 Sep 2007

the TV doesnt hum from the speakers it just hums from the back like mole says may be a transformer, Beta my tv is is the LE40M86bdx so I persume is the same as yours, so is your TV totaly quiet or can you hear a slight hum/buzz

  laurie53 08:39 19 Sep 2007

Humming TVs are not normal, no matter what the shop says!

Take it back, it's not "of the quality demanded".

It's almost certainly mains hum caused by using cheap components.

  Stuartli 21:18 19 Sep 2007

>>It's almost certainly mains hum caused by using cheap components.>>

It's a Samsung - not a cheapo offering...:-)

  laurie53 11:12 20 Sep 2007

I said cheap components, not cheap equipment.

They are not necessarily the same animal!

I had a Samsung cordless phone where the battery in each handset failed in less than a year.

I had a Samsung TV in which the headphone socket failed within a year.

However, perhaps I should have said "probably" rather than "almost certainly".

I no longer buy Samsung, but I know there are people who would not buy anything else.

  Stuartli 12:23 20 Sep 2007

Sony has enough confidence in Samsung to operate a joint LCD panel manufacturing plant in Korea - initially Sony used to check all the panels sent to Japan and other areas to be used in its own sets, but quickly realised Samsung quality was akin to its own.

  glenkrebs 15:27 23 Jan 2009

I own 3 Samsung TV's, one 52", 40" & 26"
The 40" when left on standby mode turns it's self on and then jumps through all digital stations. Once this happens only thing that can be done is to unplug from mains

Engineer been out and replaced PCB..Worked ok for a couple of weeks and then started same fault again. Anyone any idea?

  Stuartli 15:35 23 Jan 2009

You have resurrected a thread that is more than two years old with a query that you should have raised by starting your own thread.

Jammyjuju is not likely to be too pleased at receiving e-mails about new messages to his thread...:-)

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