3D Television Programmes

  Crosstrainer2 16:00 06 Nov 2011

Both of my LCD televisions are capable of 3D display, but there seem to be few if any actual programs transmitted in the format.

I was looking around for a pair of the special glasses and discovered that they range in price from a tenner or so, all the way up to fifty quid.

Is it worth shelling out for a pair, or are they really only suitable for Blu-Ray DVD use?

  wiz-king 17:08 06 Nov 2011

Not many programs to choose from, make sure you get the correct type of glasses.

  Crosstrainer2 21:20 06 Nov 2011


Baffled by the choice!

  ams4127 22:38 08 Nov 2011

I can't help you specifically.

But, the other day I ventured into PC World in Bangor, North Wales and found a demo of 3D going on using an LG TV. Having never seen 3D before and being rather sceptical, I sat on the sofa in front of the TV to watch.

To say that I was blown away by the effects would be putting it mildly. I do realise that the demo being shown was specially made to demonstrate the effects to their best advantage, but I actually put out my hand to touch a Harrier flying past an aircraft carrier!!!

My only regret is that my wife saw it too. Her remark "Wouldn't the grandchildren enjoy it when they come round" filled me with terror - so we left, rapidly!!

  mole44 13:09 09 Nov 2011

as an old grumpy (67), i think 3d was a novelty just to get people to spend money on a new tv,i know it's very good but look how much 3d contents out there,not a lot. as i usually say "it's a deceased aquatic bird". in other words a dead duck.

  wiz-king 13:21 10 Nov 2011

mole44 'dead duck' is 2D, for 3D you need 'dead daffy duck'

  dms_05 11:26 11 Nov 2011

Only decent broadcast 3D content is available on Sky and you need to take their top rate tariff to receive it for free.

  mole44 11:28 11 Nov 2011

wiz-king agreed,still little content though and different glasses standard. reminds me of the betamax vhs standard (I'm that old) or for our younger members blue ray fight, when standards are sorted out i'll maybe just maybe get one. then maybe not

  ams4127 16:52 11 Nov 2011

Note....I said I was impressed by 3D - I did not say I was going to buy it!!!!

Mole44. I'm older than you, and probably grumpier too!!

  mole44 05:23 12 Nov 2011

ams4127 i`m 67 and if you got gold for grumpy i'd get silver, thank goodness your not spending your wealth,makes me shudder to spend my money.

  wiz-king 09:16 12 Nov 2011

mole44 I am not a spring chicken either - my first answer-phone used 5" reels of tape for the messages an a couple of 'small' 3" reels to record the prompts, it kept the bedroom/office warm with all its valves glowing away. I still have a Betamax video recorder and I think the quality was better than VHS.

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