35mm Film V's 10mp

  Z1100 13:38 30 Apr 2007

Which is better, a 35mm Negative scanned at 4000dpi using a dedicated film scanner or a 10mp RAW or JPEG image.

I am debating with myself about selling my rather excellent Canon T90 and array of lenses in favour of a Digital SLR.


  Forum Editor 18:31 30 Apr 2007

for some time before mothballing my film SLR and going digital.

Now I wouldn't change back if you paid me. I got the best of both worlds by staying with the same manufacturer - I had Canon equipment, so I stayed with a Canon digital SLR and use the same lenses.

  hssutton 20:38 30 Apr 2007

I changed to digital 7 years ago when IMO it became impossible to see any difference. That was after shooting film and processing my own B&W Colour and transparency. Obviously since then there as been a marked improvment in the digital medium. Same as the FE there's now way that I would ever consider a change back to film

For an interesting read click here.

The following is a link to photo I took of a plane over 7 miles high,click here I'm not suggesting this is a good photo but it does show the incredible resolution obtained when using digital. The lens used was a Canon 70-200 + 2 x Extender

  hssutton 20:42 30 Apr 2007

Sorry I have linked to a crop of the original this is the one I intended click here
However in the cropped version you can clearly see that the aircraft is a Boing 747 belonging to Lufthansa

  oresome 20:56 30 Apr 2007

I'm no expert, but I would think it depends on what you are going to do with the image as to whether chasing more captured detail makes any practical difference.

I view most images on a 15" computer monitor and print the occasional one at A4 and a few more at 7x5 on an ink jet printer.

The monitor screen is low resolution and I suspect the printer is only capable of printing a fraction of the captured information of a high end camera.

Of course, if you're going to crop tight and print at A3, the detail may be needed.

Leave the decision too long and no one will want your old gear. The rapid move to digital took the likes of Kodak and Ilford by surprise.

  Z1100 23:02 30 Apr 2007

Could it be I have been mis-led and my FD lens will fit a 400D Body?

hssutton; I think that is a great photo.

oresome; You have my dilemma on target. Sell now or keep losing value.

The other part that has me thinking is the upgrade path if/when I move over.

I have a T70 and I have had that for 22 years and never a fault. I then got my T90 and I have had that for 9 years. Both accept the lenses I have and I can set both up for different shots and that is good. I buy film and that is the only difference with the 2 bodies.

With a D-SLR for now I would have to accept an 18-55mm kit lens (28-75mm FD equivalent). That is ok, I can do that for a year.

But what about the Body? If I go for 6mp or 10mp will I be 'sorry' in 2 years time having spent £500-£600 and find that I 'need' a 14mp camera?

By that I mean will I want to upgrade every two years if I go digital after having 20 years out of my current setup?

Just how good are they and do they warrant the price tag? I have been reading a lot on the web and Nikon D200 or Canon 400D would I believe be the two I look at seriously but it is a lot of cash to spend if the compact digital camera markets technology advancement,is any barometer for the D-SLR market.


  Z1100 23:47 30 Apr 2007

Scan Resolution-Megapixel Equivalent
When scanning a 35mm Negative with a Dedicated Film Scanner;

2000 DPI 4.8mp
3000 DPI 10.9mp
4000 DPI 19.4mp

Do these figures look correct? I cannot remember where I got them so I can't go back and verify the data.

ps I think I worry too much.

  hssutton 23:55 30 Apr 2007

Regarding you FD lens, maybe you should read this
click here

As for how many pixels. Well I have 3 DSLRs 2 of them being 6mp with the third being 8mp, this is the 30D. Actually I see no difference whatsoever in quality, at A3 size and is doubtful that you would notice any difference at larger sizes, the biggest I've had done are 24"x16" and these are superb. The main benefit of more pixels is the ability to crop.

My 10D & 300D Canons are still used on almost a daily basis, both of these where bought in 2003, and I expect them to carry on for quite a few more years.

There is a big difference between the 400D and the Nikon 200D, with the Nikon being way out in front. Actually you should be comparing the Nikon with the Canon 30D. The Canon 30D costing £200 less than the Nikon.

Having used the T90 I'm sure you will find such as the 400D to be too small, I've handled it on a few occassions and just could not get on with it at all. Another camera for you to check out would be the Nikon D80.

  Forum Editor 00:05 01 May 2007

and the lenses are EF.

I also use a Fuji Finepix F31fd, and it's a superb little camera. I carry it with me when I'm travelling, and don't want to lug the SLR around. The Fuji is 6Mp, and is based on the earlier F30 model which won the TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) award for best compact digital camera of 2006.

  Z1100 12:35 01 May 2007

well my Wife says I am dangerous when I hold a wallet open...

I think the time has come to switch then. If a 6mp camera is still 'doing the do' 4 years on which is eons in tech time, then I will now plan trips to the stores to get my hands on some lovely bodies.

I will leave this one opened for now, after all free advice is good.


  hssutton 13:18 01 May 2007

Enjoy yourself, but beware of the salesman/lady :)

Remember, all the DSLRs out there will produce the goods, so the camera that feels good in your hands is probably the one to buy. Also consider the range of lenses & f/guns available.

For such as the Canon/Nikon there is a full range of lenses available, but this does not apply to the Nikon D40 or D40x. If you just intend to use the "kit" lenses then the two previous mentioned cameras would be ok, as will any of the DSLRs

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