User-64C10394-F981-4870-BC37F8B7B7ACAE62 21:38 03 Sep 2007

This must be worth a look, available from Thursday
click here

  Rigga 23:14 03 Sep 2007

There's a 37" HD LCD TV here for £50 cheaper.

click here


  howard64 14:47 06 Sep 2007

Rigga that tv has the 720p rating which is equivalent to the old interlaced monitors which gave a lot of flicker. You always should aim for the 1020p which is non interlaced.

  Whitehart 22:25 06 Sep 2007

£299.95 exc. VAT
£352.44 inc. VAT

To me that's £2-45 dearer and no freeview, not exactly a bargain.

  Rigga 08:55 07 Sep 2007

howard64 agreed, but the Aldi one isn't 1020p either.

Whitehart, my mistake, I forgot aria no longer automatically add VAT, although it is a much bigger TV, and freeview boxes are very cheap these days.

Personally I wouldn't buy either, I would pay more and get a much better TV. I only posted to show the Aldi one wasn't a HUGE bargain.


  robbiepaul79 09:28 07 Sep 2007

check ebuyer.com have some decent cheapish tv's there.

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