19inch or 23inch LCD TV thoughts???

  chrisbenwalker 21:00 27 Sep 2007

I am looking for a half decent lcd for use as a second tv purely for xbox360 use and a bit of tv watching.
I dont want bigger than 23inch and am on a budget of maximum £250. Anyone got any thoughts?
Any first hand experience with similar needs?

  jack 11:54 29 Sep 2007

With that size/s in mind only two things to consider
1. Size of your budget as mentioned.
2. Size of hole it will fit into.

The second is probably more critical than the former.
The number of folk I have come across who have gone for a 'Big' screen because it looked awesome in the store and found it overwhelmed their 16 x 12 lounge.
So size it first a 23 inch probably needs 26/28 inches to sit in comfortably- then go pricing one.

  Marko797 12:12 29 Sep 2007

If u research at Currys, I'm sure there's a booklet which they have which will provide guidance on 'screen size:room size' ratio for ideal viewing. As Jack mentions, some people have made mistakes and just gone for the biggest they could bcos it looked good in the store. On getting it home, it looks stupid of course, and like Jack says, overwhelms.

  Micheal Knight 18:35 11 Oct 2007

Ok I bought this little blighter for exactly that!
I've hooked up my 360 using HDMI as it's the new version. But if you have the non-HDMI version then this TV/Monitor will blow you away!
click here
it's 22" with build-in analogue TV tuner, DVI and 15pin D Sub. The TV/Monitor also has a scart socket, so adding a freeview box can be done.
If you want to hook up a HDMI xbox360, then you will also need this lead:
click here
For £225 including delivery you can't go wrong!

Hope that helps.

  chrisbenwalker 20:19 11 Oct 2007

Thanks all for the replies.

Particular thanks to Micheal as this looks like exactly what I'm after. - My wife does not like the idea of hooking up the 360 to the 37inch Samsung LCD downstairs ;) so it an alternative for upstairs in the spare room!!

My xbox is the non HDMI version, so do you think there is a significant difference when connecting this version 360 to this TV as opposed to the standard 21inch TV that I'm currently using?

Thanks again for the advice.

  Stuartli 00:04 12 Oct 2007

>>found it overwhelmed their 16 x 12 lounge.>>

My living room is 17ft x13ft - my 26in LCD TV certainly doesn't overwhelm it...:-)

In fact the only reason I didn't buy a larger screen size is because the LCD set has to fit in a wooden cabinet that originally took a 21in CRT TV.

I've had to drop the base a few inches to take the 26in set, but I would have been delighted to have been able to move up to a 32in set.

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