1080p with built in freesat tuner

  Pamy 11:00 21 Aug 2009

A few TV's are now being offered with a "freesat" tuner built in, does this mean that they will be able to recieve true 1080p when available?

  john bunyan 12:06 21 Aug 2009

I think so; Stuartli is the expert! The only thing is you would have difficulty in recording in HD (I assune this is what you mean by 1080p?) as I think the average normal film of about 2 hrs takes about 4.4 gig but an HD is about 25 gig, so the Humax twin tuner PRV's with big HD's are about the only option to record, untill Blue Ray recorders come at a lower price.

  Pamy 14:55 21 Aug 2009

thanks john , not so much the recording but actually getting the full HD(1080p) if a picture was transmitted in that format

  john bunyan 15:28 21 Aug 2009

Yes, I think that BBC and ITV 1 both have some freesat programmes in full HD. I assume you are looking at the Panasonic range. I wonder if the premium you pay is more or less than an identical TV with no built in Freesat plus the twin tuner Humax PVR (which would enable recording)

  Pamy 16:34 21 Aug 2009

Again John, that is what I was concidering.
ßeta, as we are concidering buying a new TV, I thought I would look at all the future options, thinking we should buy them sooner than latter.
I supose it depends how long it takes before more channels are transmitted in full HD and how long a new TV will last

  Stuartli 19:33 21 Aug 2009

You are confusing Freesat with Freeview...:-)

The Panasonics with a built-in Freesat tuner are full 1080p HD sets (all as far as I'm aware), some with 600Hz frame refresh. Specs of the 42in TX-P42G10, for instance, at:

click here

Sizes ranges from 32in upwards (LCD and/or plasma).

LG has now been able to join the fray. See:

click here

  Pamy 15:55 22 Aug 2009

Well, hubby and I not sure what to do at the mo.
Hubby all for buying Panosonic HD with freesat tuner built in (it will also have freeview tuner).
Just connect to existing ariel(it works ok with current STB),then he wants to buy dish and 4way NLR off ebay and fit it himself.

so unless there are other views I will call this subject resolved

  Stuartli 18:25 22 Aug 2009

The Panasonic Freesat TVs all have an analogue (PAL), Freeview and Freesat tuner.

As a Freesat HD set top box is around £130-£150 and the PVR at least £250, it makes sense to buy a TV with the Freesat tuner built in.

You could, alternatively, buy a Freesat HD PVR such as the Humax Foxsat PVR and keep/use a current Freeview TV.

  Pamy 21:42 22 Aug 2009

OK,thanks Stuartli,keeping old TV is not an option, so think we will go with hubby's proposal.

Thank all for your input

  oresome 15:44 23 Aug 2009

"Hubby all for buying Panosonic HD with freesat tuner built in."

A good choice imo

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