Zune or Ipod ????

  Field Division 12:43 23 Oct 2006

Im looking for a player and just read a small article regarding MS Zune which is going to put to market next year..which do I go for zune or ipod? the zune will be realesed with 5g but seems to be move flexable than the ipod is,do I wait until this is out or just go for an ipod..looks like MS is going to attack apple the same way they did with playstation with the xbox

  Field Division 14:54 23 Oct 2006

sorry incorrect info I wrote,it comes with 30g and has a bigger screen than the ipod,gets out in the shop dec 14th I think,and has wifi also.think my mind is made up.

  Field Division 14:55 23 Oct 2006

Cracking web site for anyone that would like to do a comparison. with plenty of clips to watch

  sean-278262 17:11 23 Oct 2006

Have you considered any of the other ipod alternatives? click here is where I have spent the best part of £1000 over the last number of years. There are many better alternatives to the ipod. Drag and drop is something to look out for. This means you can save files to it without needing anything other than windows and often mac or linux OS. So 99% of computers really.

The other thing to look for is that you are buying a player so it will only work with WMP. I hate WMP as it is sluggish and annoying to use. Similarly with the ipod you are tied in to iTunes or one of the small number of alternatives. With a drag and drop player you get the freedom to use anything you so wish to manage your music.

click here

Have you considered the likes of these or other not so famous players. Buying a zune or ipod tends to make people look like sheep. Oh look another ipod owner. I know since owning my PMP that everyone I know looks at it and thinks wow. People get an ipod and it tends to be oh wow you got one too. Being different can also mean that people steal your player and then cant use it and mess up your files or change your playlist and what not.

Consider being different, find a player that defines you not a player that defines everyone else as the same.

Just my thoughts.

  amonra 17:33 23 Oct 2006

Creature of the night,
How true.
Once a player becomes a fashion accessory rather than an useful item, then reason goes out of the window. I have tried to explain this to friends who were determined to buy an IPod but to no avail. Now I have to explain why "
My IPod doesn't do X Y Z " Makes you sick !

  amonra 17:34 23 Oct 2006

Creature of the Nite, sorry wrong glasses.

  mikef. 18:15 23 Oct 2006

My opinion, niether I've got the Creative Zen Vision M 30gb hard drive, bets the ipod hands down in my opinion click here

  sean-278262 18:45 23 Oct 2006

I am in agreement with mikef as the creative is quite a good player for the money. Also compared to the ipod as an audiophile I think it is superior. Thus why I have an annoying habbit of being able to pick out tracks that are mp3 and which are original CDs all the way to 192kbps in the mp3 tracks.

amonra - Dont worry I have a similar problem however most of my friends are aware of the use that other players have. Samsung, iriver, cowon and creative are all represtented in my friends and only a couple of iPods given as gifts. The ipod like in "Scary movie 3" just stands as a symbol of fashion rather than a utilitarian device. Looks these days seems to go over what it is to be used for and how the users interacts with it.

I've owned Creative MP3 players in the past and apart from a fault on the power/lock switch that affected both my Zen Micros (which I think they've fixed on current models), I loved it. I genuinely thought it was better than the iPod, mainly as the controls were better due to a button that I compare to a 'right click' on a computer.

I now own a Samsung YP-Z5 which is okay, not as good as the Creative players though.

I've never bought an iPod mainly because I disagree with the way Apple tries to ties you into it's digital audio monopoly.

For my next player, I will strongly consider the Zune. I doubt it will be a 'fashion accesory' like the iPod (at least not for a while).

  Field Division 07:47 24 Oct 2006

wow guys so much to choose from , I feel like a big kid in a sweet shop,some nice toys in those links Creature of the Nite,creative seems to be popping up alot, I like the looks of the i-Station/ and samsung.what I really want is 1 that has a reasonable sized screen that I can watch video on it and supports mp4,wouldn't also mind one that had an alarm on it too so I could wake to my fav tunes in the morn..

  Field Division 12:49 25 Oct 2006

well thats my order in for the i-Station,cant wait for delivery..

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