ZoneAlarm v6.0 Upgrade Problems

  razzlebasel 19:55 13 Aug 2005

Just thought I'd post a short note on Zonealarm 6.0 upgrade problems. It took several hours to get my PC working again after I 'upgraded' from 5.5 to 6.0 Security Suite.
My PC blocked all internet access and became unstable, nothing I did would fix it, and I couldn't reinstall v5.5, as v6.0 wouldn't uninstall fully. After several attempts I had to resort to safe mode, stop ZA booting on startup, clean uninstall, remove a few remaining ZA files in my PC folders and registry manually, and then finally reinstall version 55_094_000.

Seems I'm not the only one judging from the flood of postings on the Zone Labs User Forum. Zonelabs have acknowledged that a 'small number' of customers are having problems, but as yet no fixes seem to be available. Zonelabs explained that the problems seem to be caused by installing the new version over the old one - although this is one of the options during installation.

Version 5.5 Security Suite seems to be a good product, and I'm very surprised that Zonelabs appear to have have released v6.0 without fully testing it. If you get a notice from Zonelabs inviting you to upgrade, my advice would be don't! Wait until Zonelabs fix v6.0.

  grumpy-git 21:31 13 Aug 2005

My version is 6.0.631.003 and works fine on my two pc's, which are also on a network.

Only problem I had was initially setting up a new network after buying a wireless modem/router.


  Stuartli 21:54 13 Aug 2005
  jake2 22:03 17 Aug 2005

Only problem I seem to have is TOO MUCH INFORMATION! Keep getting pop ups saying "program monitoring keyboard strokes" or "program asking for acess to explorer" No spyware on system so I can only assume these programs had access before v6! So I continue to give themm access, sometimes I have denied ability to monior keyboard strokes but programs run fine anyway! TOO MUCH INFO for my head!!!

  Stuartli 22:38 17 Aug 2005

Go to Alerts and Logs from the ZA Control Panel and select Off...:-)

You will still see the normal Program access permission panel as and when necessary.

  The Spires 23:03 17 Aug 2005

The latest version causes as of yet irresolvable issues with Boclean (Anti-Trojan) so I have reverted back, it does seem that each time Zone release new version there are issues that really ought to have been sorted in beta. The feedback from the last beta was of many issues yet once again Zone released. But yet again have had to have to put a header in their forum that users may have to revert back. Mine is the paid for Pro version. I think they are adding bells and whistles to a product that was ok, but revenue only comes from users upgrading.

  pakmike 10:02 18 Aug 2005

Computer Dell 3000, Pentium 4, 1 Gb RAM, WindowsXP SP2, MSOE v6, MSIE v6, Zone Alarm Security Suite.

After installing ZA Security Suite v6 over v5 early August.

Problem (1). Cannot receive Mail using OE & Get message <ERROR…..service not available… Error number 0x800CCC90>. Sometimes error CCC92.
Tools>Accounts> Only two accounts all entries checked and correct.
When ZoneAlarm switched OFF problem still occurs.

Can send mail OK. Access to internet with Internet Explorer OK.

Problem (2). Cannot download Mail through Correct email address and password entered but get message <Mail Box Server Login Failed>

Problem coincided with major server work in NTL - so origin of errors not clear.

Reported to ZA = job number given
Reported to NTL - job number given
awaiting further advice from both.

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  Stuartli 13:06 18 Aug 2005

Just done the latest ZA update on an elderly friend's XP Home system this morning still on ZA 5.5 - absolutely no problems...:-)

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