Zen ADSL Isp anyone?

  Kase 14:05 05 Feb 2005

This Company seems to be highly rated click here. Any forum users connected and do they find them to be a better Isp than the average?.

  pj123 17:17 05 Feb 2005

I think Djohn is about the only Forum member connected to this ISP.

He will extoll its virtues to you.

  Djohn 19:22 05 Feb 2005

Yes, pj123 is correct, I'm with Zen but so are quite a few other forum members.

Are they better than average? Without any doubt whatsoever. In fact they are outstanding in every way.

I've been with them for almost a year now and not one single fault of any kind. The connection is made first time, every time and remains rock solid, very fast download speeds that never seem to alter by more than a couple of Kbps no matter what time of day or night you run a test.

From placing my order on the Wednesday morning to activation and surfing before noon on Friday of the same week, though normally they state 5 days. I have recommended them to many of my friends who have changed over to them and each one that took up the service feel the same way as I do.

My neighbour decided to go with them after using my PC to do some searching [She did not have any ISP at the time]. We placed the order at approx. 5 pm over the internet Monday evening, the modem arrived at 8 am Wednesday morning and I popped round at 10 am to install the driver. 10 minutes later she was surfing away and she also has nothing but the highest praise for them.

Myself, my neighbour and friends that I have asked have not had one single spam email in all the time we have been with Zen. They are not cheap, don't offer any gimmicks, just a first class service that is difficult to match, let alone beat. If you look at their home page you will see the first paragraph states


We guarantee NO CONTENTION on our network. Uncompromised service with bandwidth investment that stays well ahead of customer demand is the only sure way to deliver performance that provides full Internet enjoyment and business-critical reliability. click here

I can recommend them without hesitation. :o)

  Kase 20:05 05 Feb 2005

Hi Djohn

Praise indeed, I am currently with btopenworld a friend of mine has just left Freeserve for this Company, how did pj123 know of your delectation?. I had never heard of this Company before my friend joined. When my contract runs out with Bt I would consider a change. I have the 1Mb Adsl connection at £29.99 per month no limit.

  Sir Radfordin 20:17 05 Feb 2005

I've had 3 accouns with Zen for a small charity I do some IT work for. They have all been in different parts of the country set up at different times. All have worked from day one without any problems. Recently had to cancle one account as the users was moving house. This was a quick and pain-free process online. Needless to say I'll be opening another account with them soon. The biggest bonus is the 1 month contract not the 12 you get with most ISPs.

Personally I'm with Pipex because I had no need for extras that come with Zen

  Djohn 20:45 05 Feb 2005

pj or Pete lives just down the road from me, well, a short drive anyway and I'm sure he gets tired of me praising Zen. :o)

As Sir Rad as also pointed out, they are an excellent company but so is Pipex, the ISP he is currently with.

Zen have just the one month cancellation as Sir Rad points out plus they have no restrictions whatsoever regarding bandwidth or any newsgroups or file sharing applications.

I have never seen Zen advertise themselves anywhere except for their home page on the web, its a small company [but growing fast] well established and aimed primarily at the business/home worker sector.

If you decide to go with Zen you can migrate from your current provider and will be off-line for only 20 minutes to an hour at the most while the changeover is carried out.

  Kase 18:02 07 Feb 2005

Many thanks to you all. You have convinced me of the quality. When my contract ends I must give this matter some more serious consideration.

Are a bunch of saints to deal with.....

I had problems and they knew it was BT as did I. Eventually it was sorted (My phone line was loose on the telegraph pole) and been stable since.. always had replies within a couple of hours for question's, customer serivce staff highly knowledglable and great speeds!

  The Spires 01:09 10 Feb 2005

I have been with Zen just under a year, worth every penny.

  GibsonSt19 00:47 11 Feb 2005

And all was very well, but I migrated to ndo.com (who've also been awesome for the last year) at a better price.

I can heartily recommend both.

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