Your views on the Mesh Elite Premier

  1936 18:01 21 Apr 2007

I have been considering buying a computer to use primarily for editing family video and came across the Mesh Elite Premier.
I have three questions:
1. I could not find what size PSU the machine has. Can anyone tell me?
2. If it is only a 250 is that sufficent for running editing software?
3. Mesh has been getting a hammering in the forums. Why does Mesh not answer those criticisms?

  bremner 18:20 21 Apr 2007

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Says it is only a 250w PSU which I must admit does seem underpowered for todays machines. Speak with Mesh and seek their opinion.

Mesh sell thousands of machines and the massively overwhelming majority of customers are totally satisfied. Unfortunately on some occasions when something is wrong Mesh do not perform as they should. That said Mesh have a presence on this forum in the guise of Davey - he appears to soleve many issues for members

  spuds 20:28 21 Apr 2007

The subject about using 250w psu's was aired recently within the forum. By the responses given, it would appear that a number of well known computer manufacturer's use 250w psu's for a power source.

In my opinion, it seems that a 250w psu tends to give very little leeway for extra power requirements, especially for game players, but then I am not a computer designer or marketing person. Have a word with Davey [email protected]

  Totally-braindead 20:34 21 Apr 2007

I personally would not buy a computer with only a 250 watt power supply. Many companies do this to cut costs including the likes of Dell. Its ok till you add something like a new hard drive or a graphics card.
If it uses a standard power supply then you could always upgrade it later.

  Trademark 09:52 22 Apr 2007

Mesh builds, customer care & support can sometimes be a bit dodgy!
Have you looked at Novatech or Dell?

  MESH Support 13:13 23 Apr 2007

If I can be a little cheeky and paste my response to your query on another forum;

In response to your questions;

1, It comes with a 250w PSU.
2, The PSU is more than adequate for the parts used within the system. If you are looking to run more, to upgrade the system then the PSU would be best replaced for a more powerful unit.
3, My presence here is to support our customers and so I will usually only respond on that area. We do take on board criticism and where possible take steps to remedy a short-fall in our service. These things aren't instantaneous, *are* happening, but are rarely announced or discussed within the forums.


  1936 19:20 23 Apr 2007

Many thanks all for your help.
Thanks to this and other forums I'm gradually learning about computers and its now become clear that most manufacturers use a 250w for the standard of computer that I am looking at then there must be a reason for it. Of course there is also the question of what upping a PSU would do to ones electricity bill and of course the environment.
As someone pointed out it makes sense to consider the PSU as just one part of a computer with all the other parts built round it so a larger PSU means all sorts of other changes to the rest of the build.
As a current Mesh user I have to say that it’s given me no problems but I do wish that Mesh, and indeed other computer manufacturers would show the percentage level of customer service problems in relation to sales to bring what appears to be a heavy amount of criticism into perspective.

  darser 19:43 23 Apr 2007

hi there,i have a dell dimension3000 with a 250psu,had a nightmare trying to upgrade from intigrated graphics to a card,the only one i could get was a g-force fx5500,cant play any decent games,saving up for new pc now

  UncleP 16:51 26 Apr 2007

In connexion with your last post, it is unlikely that computer manufacturers would be willing to reveal accurate reliability or servicing levels. And it is important to realize that comparative reviews in magazines rarely include customer satisfaction (or the inverse, the level of customer complaints expressed as a percentage of sales) as a contributory factor in their rating of different machines.

However, there are internet sites which attempt to provide assessments which can act as rough guides if the level of customer service is important to you. But you should be aware that providing a good customer service is an expensive business, and will be reflected in the price of the machine.

In a recent survey of computer manufacturers carried out by a popular UK magazine (not PCA),
readers were asked if they would buy again from the manufacturer of their current machine. The best (Dell, HP and Evesham) achieved approval levels of 90-95%, which is commensurate with the expected proportion of faults appearing over the first year of operation. Mesh received a rating of about 75%, which implies a very poor standard of customer service and a very high turnover of customers.

  Lindsay31 19:26 22 May 2007


I think one that one should consider is the customer support a company offers.
My experience of Mesh has been a nightmare.

According to Which? survey, (in BBCs recent Watchdog program) over 30% of Meshs customers experience hardware failure within three years.
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However if something goes wrong with your computer – such as what happened to mine – Mesh are unable to fix the problem. I have returned my computer seven times to be fixed, and it still displays its original fault. Moreover to give you some idea of timescales, it takes between 6 weeks to 4 months from notifying Mesh of the continuing problem to receiving back the “repaired” PC.

I started a forum to share my experience,
click here
and I am not alone in receiving poor customer support.

Please think before you act
All the best

  Lindsay31 19:29 22 May 2007

heres a sample - my pc was returned last weekend!



I have received my computer back from Mesh.


And they cant even record my reported error correctly! Despite explaining the problem to a Mesh engineer – (ie bios not recognising IDE / SCSI Drives, network card, electrical shorting noises coming before failure etc) – the fault reported on their error sheet is “Not loading OS” (OS = operating system). I explicitly told the engineer that the fault was not the hard drive (and that the hard drive passes the manufacturers tests), just that the MBR had been wiped.

However they have just swapped the hard drive again.

This is the seventh or eighth new hard drive – the fault is not the hard drive.

Moreover they did not inform me that they wanted to change the hard drive – nor given me the opportunity to have my data rescued.

And the computer case has keys – Mesh have NOT returned the keys !!!!!

What more can I say!

Without the keys there is no way into the computer – no upgrades can happen, the Cmos cant be reset (to get back the network card / IDE drives etc when they stop working)

All they have sent me is a dysfunctional pile of junk.

As for the errors this time on the first game of Spider, cat scratching ice noises (within 2 minutes of first being turned on). As before, its prior to any changes being made, connection to internet etc.

Yet again Mesh return a “repaired” computer that cannot play spider without error on factory settings!

Yet again Mesh has been unable to fix my original fault!

Back to my original questions. How do I get in touch with Mesh and get them to listen enough to me to be able to fix my pc?

How do we get the communication within Mesh working well enough for the reported fault to be given to the engineer?

And given on several occasions I have taped my error report to the both the inside and outside of the case so it is available to the engineer when they start to investigate the problem. How do we get Meshs engineers so that they take note of the symptoms reported by the customer (rather than making up random reported faults)?

Or even better why don’t Mesh give me a new computer? Mesh are unable to fix my old one. It must be costing them to send my computer back and forwards swapping hard drives – why don’t they send me one that works instead? Or give me my money back with interest?

And why don’t Mesh implement a policy after a computer has been returned five times on the same fault, they replace it rather then let problems drag on for years? Better both for the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Back to square one -AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!

Hope you are all having better luck than me.


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