Your Opinions on This Proposed PC

  Kerrso05 14:57 26 Jun 2005

I live in Northern Ireland and where it is very difficult to get Household Name Computers eg. Dell, Mesh, Eveshem etc. What I mean is that they will sell you the computer but the delivery charge is in around £65 (double the price of delivery to the UK Main land) - I don't really have a problem with that - people have to pay for what it costs for transport. But when it comes to repair under the Warranty you have to rely on RTB policy - which is very expensive and I am also told that if they don't find anything wrong with the computer you have to pay for the Labour plus the carriage for and to home. Anyway, I am now looking at a local Computer Business to do the business for me and I was wondering if anyone would run their eye over the following components of this proposed purchase and give your valued opinion

AMD 3500+ 64Bit 939
Retail Heatsink & Fan
Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe
1024Mb Corsair CL2.5 PC3200 Memory(2x512 Matched Pair)
Seagate 250Gb 8MB 7200rpm Hard Drive
Seagate 250Gb 8MB 7200rpm Hard Drive - Two Hard Drives
NEC 3520A DVD+-RW 16x Black
NEC 3520A DVD+-RW 16x Black - Two DVD writers
3.5" Floppy Drive
Geforce 128mb 6600GT PCI-X Graphics Card
Intel V.92 56k Modem
Creative Audigy 2 Sound Card
Duke DU09AL Black 500w Case
Hiper 425w 20/24pin PSU
Microsoft Optical Keyboard+Mouse
17" Black/Silver Digimate 17’’ TFT Monitor

This System will be used mainly for Downloading Music and copying DVDs (for personal use ONLY)

I look forward to your opinions and suggestions

  Dizzy Bob 16:22 26 Jun 2005

Looks like a great machine. However, if your main uses are as you state downloading and dvd burning, the machine is far more powerful (and therefore expensive) than you need.

IF you are likely to want to do anything more demanding later, ie video editing, gaming, then great. If not, i would suggest a lower spec machine at a cheaper price.(although you haven't mentioned the cost in your post)

Will you be wanting to use the machine for anything else in the future?

hope this helps,

Dizzy Bob

  Pooke 17:52 26 Jun 2005

If it's mplex your buying from ditch their monitor that's offered and get it else where! By all means get the rest from them...... I did.

Seems a very nice machine, you'll find uses for all that kit, if ya can afford it then get it.

Pooke from belfast.

  Kerrso05 17:56 26 Jun 2005

Thanks for yor opinion, Dizzy Bob.

Sorry I didn't put the price in, it is £1038 and you also are right, I may do some video editing in the future. I know this is a powerful machine as it is priced and promoted as a gaming machine - which I have no interest, whatsoever in (gaming I mean).
I have two daughters and I want to future proof (as much as anyone can these days with technology moving on at a powerful rate) the Computer for them and myself.
Do you think I should look at a cheaper Graphics Card instead of the 6600GT PCI-X Graphics Card that is in it? Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.
As I said before I am mainly into downloading Music and copying DVDs (for my own personal use)and listening to them. My eldest daughter does a bit of music composing on it with the powerful "Sibleus" Software.
If you think it is too much what would you change on it? - the company will put whatever I want in the Computer.
Thanks again


  De Marcus 18:05 26 Jun 2005

I'd leave the machine as is, graphics card included. If it's 'future-proofing' you want don't reduce the spec by even a little bit. I've always had a 'buy the best you can afford' policy when asked for advice from family and friends, it'll save you in the long run when you can still run demanding applications with which you couldn't had you downed the specs at purchase.

  Pooke 18:10 26 Jun 2005

Agree with de marcus' thoughts on the matter, I'm interested it in where you're getting it too, I'd get a better TFT than the Digimate (I have one now, and had faulty ones exchanged before it so I know).

  [email protected]@ 18:10 26 Jun 2005

Don't go for a lower spec graphics card,you will only find yourself upgrading later.

  Kerrso05 18:15 26 Jun 2005

Pooke, thanks again for that. It is reassuring to hear from a fellow customer of Mplex who also has bought from them (I have bought various components of them in the past and have been very pleased with the Service and help given by them)

Regarding the Monitor - the Sales Assistant told me that this was a very good Monitor, with a 12ms response time - although I had reservations about the monitor myself, basically because I had never heard of the make, Digimate. Although it is retailed for £160, I was told by the Sales Assistant that if I didn't take the monitor the system would be less a £100. What 17" TFT monitor would you suggest? if I don't go for the Digimate bearing in mind the £100 I have spare to spend on a Monitor (I wouldn't think I would get much for £100)

Thanks Again


  Pooke 18:26 26 Jun 2005

I got a great machine of them last year, typing on it now as I speak. I had problems with the Digimate monitor, and had to have it changed twice, the one I have now has 2 dead pixels. On the other hand I might just have been unlucky with the monitor. If you are saving £60 on it and feel comfortable then go ahead.

I don't have any recommendation for you except for maybe the click here
which is a really nice one, a neighbour has it. If you reserve it online you can collect/pay for it instore at the offer price.

  smokingbeagle 18:30 26 Jun 2005

if you plan to download a lot of music. You'll find it frustrating on dial-up.

  Kerrso05 18:43 26 Jun 2005

Thanks, I already have Broadband - Wanadoo Broadband but am in the throws of Migrating from them as I pay £27.99 a month for 512k and my Telephone Exchange can take up to 2megs of speed. I have recently learnt this news about the speed and it appears I have been paying for something I haven't been getting. Wanadoo has offered me an Upgrade to 1meg for a one of payment of £20. I'm not interested, I think I can (and I know I can) get better value for money. I'm looking at Plusnet for £21.99 a month for 2meg of speed - looks good

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