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  Jimmy14 20:01 02 Jan 2007

Hello, I currently have another thread in ConsumerWatch running regarding my terrible service from Tiscali on their 8Mb package. I am keen to hear from everyone about their internet service e.g speeds and recommendations. I would be grateful if you could contribute by telling me what speeds you achieve on your current package and is there a significant change at off-peak times. The reason I am doing this is to influence my decision on moving to another reliable supplier as soon as really.

Thanks, James

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:37 02 Jan 2007

Tiscali 2mb service. 1533.8 Kbps 188 K bytes/sec. Always fast for the service and no problems at all. No change throughout the day.


  citadel 20:42 02 Jan 2007

I think to get 8mb your house needs to be built on top of the exchange. I was thinking about bt, on their site it tells you estimated speed and location of the exchange, mine would be 3.2. the exchange is about 1 to 2 miles away.

  Jimmy14 21:31 02 Jan 2007

Just wondering if you can be upgraded to Tiscali max if you wanted to as this is were I am having all the problems.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:26 02 Jan 2007

I can upgrade to 8Mb as our exchange is near Princess Annes' gaff and seems to be upgraded very quickly;-)) but I cannot see any reason to as the surfing speed is not much diferent and I can wait for downloads. I have always had good service from Tiscali and the old adage 'better the devil you know' seems to be pertinent.


  pc_doctor 23:43 02 Jan 2007


Im on Orange's Unlimited 8meg £19.99 package with free Local and National Calls.
I am getting 8 meg...
What is really annoying though is you have to use their router to take advantage of their phone calls. The modem wireless signal is not very good...i have the main router pluged into a Netgear DG834PN, and then i have a WG602 connected to that and have WG602 bridged together all over the house. Complicated but it works!!

  rupie 23:49 02 Jan 2007

I live in a small village that is the furthest it could be from the exchange. I can only get to 512kb but someone would let me subscribe to more. I have just done a speed test and my results are as follows.
comms. 463.9kbs
Storage 56.6kbs
1mb download 18.1 sec
The key to fast down loads is the contention ratio. This has been discusssed many times and basically it means that you the fewer people on line at the same time the faster the downloads. It is nearly midnight and so few are on line at my exchange and so I get more bandwidth. When the kids come home from school everyone is on line. Never expect 100% but if you average a certain speed then only subscribe to something near that.
All you find out at 8Mbps is how slow the site servers are

  tb64 23:56 02 Jan 2007

Was with Madasafish £18/month for a 2meg service that was only giving me 1meg after a botched 'regrade' to ADSL max??

Now with Sky £5/month for 5meg as I'm 3(ish) miles from the exchange.

  pc_doctor 00:01 03 Jan 2007

Can someone explain what sky are doing...Are they using a satellite dish for downloading and then BT line for uploading, as my uncle is confused aswell as he is currently on the sky TV packages.

  rupie 00:10 03 Jan 2007

I have it on good authority that ADSL in the UK (after 214,000 tests) downloads on ave. at 0.52kbps. This is not massivly fast also the greatest things to slow downloads are firewalls, antivirus, spyware, adware, reg check and so on. Put all this stuff on the system and the difference is more than you can imagine. take it off and we are told we get infected---No win

  Stuartli 00:18 03 Jan 2007

I'm on TalkTalk 2MB and consistently get around 1,990Kbps downloads and 240kbps uploads - pretty well right on the nail for a 2MB service and better than Tiscali used to provide.

"Up to 8MB" due next month when TT LLU equipment goes into action in my exchange.

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