Your advice on sat nav please

  Forum Editor 19:34 02 Nov 2006

My wife has decided that she needs Sat Nav in her car, so who am I to disagree?

Trouble is, I don't know which is best, and nor does she - although work colleagues have told her to get a Tom Tom. She trusts the colleagues' judgment more than me, because she doesn't think I have a clue, and she's right.

Come on, help me out here - which is the one to go for? It has to be easy to operate, my wife isn't known for her techno-skills.

  Confab 19:37 02 Nov 2006

TomTom 510. Fantastic!

  g0nvs 19:43 02 Nov 2006

Tom Tom One.

  Forum Editor 19:45 02 Nov 2006

Work colleagues have recommended the 710

  Confab 20:06 02 Nov 2006

The 710 comes with some European maps whereas the 510 only has major European roads on the SD card. Unless she's planning on driving around Europe then I'd give the 710 a miss. Do you know why it was recommended? For me this wasn't worth the extra outlay.

  De Marcus™ 20:30 02 Nov 2006

Your wife will no doubt be using the sat nav for in and around london, therefore the Tom Tom one is perfect, she (or you) won't be paying for extra features that are surplus to requirements (and that's not to say the Tom Tom One is lacking in any way).

  Confab 21:02 02 Nov 2006

You are of course correct in that the extras do seem surplus to requirements. I can't imagine using the built in MP3 player or picture viewer of the higher end models. The reason I recommend the 510 is this it has a 4 inch wide screen as opposed to the 3.5 inch screen on the One.

  De Marcus™ 21:13 02 Nov 2006

Confab, I wasn't even aware that sat navs could do that! :-)

I have a garmin c510 (very pleasant and easy to use) which was compared to a Tom Tom One when I was in Halfords. The Tom Tom One outclassed the Garmin in almost every respect, I only went for the Garmin as it was cheaper, the speed camera database was *a lot* cheaper, and when it comes to tools of work, my pockets become exceedingly shallow.

*ANY* sat nav will get you from a to b in unfamiliar territory very efficiently, however, when it comes to familiar territory, the driver knows best.

  Dizzy Bob 21:24 02 Nov 2006

Market share of Tom Tom is in the reigon of 60% of the portable sat nav market.

I believe the mnain reason for this is the sinple interface and ease of use.

As others have said, if your wife is driving in the UK only, then TT One, if europe as well TT510/710.

You can add european maps to the TT one via SD card slot, or there is nbow a TT one europe version at around £249 (£199 for the UK version)

I have personally been using TT for 16 months, and i would (literally) be lost without it.


  polish 21:47 02 Nov 2006

i have a tomtom one new edition and find it excellent
does everything i need. didnt want to spend money on features id never use and european or american maps id never use .
you still need common sense when using sat nav as they are not fool proof today tried to send me down a road that has been blocked off for at least 2yrs

  De Marcus™ 21:49 02 Nov 2006

Really? The Tom Tom units are often updated, when was the last time you updated yours?

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