'With you every step of the way'?

  Miss Happy 15:35 10 Jan 2003
  Miss Happy 15:35 10 Jan 2003

Results so far for your current online poll make interesting reading.
I have had excellent service and advice from Curry's and quite good from Dixon's.
However, my experience of my ‘local’ PC World (20 miles away) and call centre dealing with their customers has been disgraceful
PC World still refuses to address problems (reported within few days DOP 20/10/2002) had with TFT monitor, since selling as part of package to me. It shouldn't have been sold with the Medion CPU as the TFT integrated speakers (taking 80mm of limited space), are inaudible above CPU fan and exceedingly loud CD ROM drive, the sound quality dreadful. This monitor sold to me as good quality, an excellent display and audio. It’s incapable of displaying clearly, including graphics when set at max. res of 1024x768 @ 75Hz as described on box. Following replacement via monitor’s service hotline, the same.
PC World General Manager of store said phone First Call Support, they’ll arrange exchange, and same spec. different manufacturer as problem arose within 28 days of purchase. I agreed to rectify the TFT problem. Phoned, FCS technician instructed uninstall>reboot>reinstall display driver = hardly any difference. Phoned FCS again, asked for replacement re: General Manager Agreement. Can't have one, only same make, FCS couldn’t do this go back to store. Phoned call centre many times asking for store General Manager, them saying he would call back, knowing it wouldn’t be fulfilled or honoured.

The reply to my letter of complaint to PCW said I had to phone TFT service hotline for another exchange. PCW would not replace unless all of these models had the same problem. This is against my statutory rights:
The manufacturer does not have any liability to the consumer. The
seller of the product always has liability for the goods they sell.
The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) says that goods should be:
Of a Satisfactory Quality, i.e. of a standard that a reasonable person
would consider to be satisfactory - generally free from fault or defect,
as well as being fit for their usual purpose, of a reasonable appearance
and finish, safe and durable
Fit for the purpose - as well as being fit for the purpose for which
they are generally sold, goods should also be fit for any specific or
particular purpose made known at the time of the agreement
As described - goods should correspond with any description applied to
them. This could be verbally, words or pictures on a sign, packaging or
an advert

  Miss Happy 15:37 10 Jan 2003

Phoned TFT hotline. No new TFT of this manufacturers left, only ones waiting to be reconditioned, had other manufacturers, but could only exchange like for like. Had just dealt with customer with this model and same problem.
The TFT is in its box where it has been since mid December.
It was arranged in mid December to return all package for full refund as the TFT was sold as part of a package. Mark Law read me my statutory rights before this was arranged. I received 2x calls from Mark Law (a PC World Service Call Manager), one stating my rights, regardless of DSG policy he said, asking what had been going on, the other asking me to accept 1 of 2 alternatives to resolve this. I accepted the return of the entire package arranged by him, DSG Head Office and the store I purchased it from. He said I would have to phone the store and speak to the Manager to arrange the return and refund.
I phoned the store (0870...not the store directly, there is no such facility)
Many calls, repeated promises that the Manager would phone me back (yet again), call centre eventually said Swindon Manager was refusing to talk to me, couldn’t return package nor have refund, would I give my address (clearly written on the receipt), he will write to me. I received no letter.
Wrote to Simon Turner, PC World Managing Director. Received reply dated 2 Jan, 2003. He apologised and said there had been a misunderstanding. He made a gesture of goodwill, i.e. arrange (with store...) to take package back and receive CRT and the original contents of agreed package (camera, printer etc), costing £999, he said. No reference to resolve the TFT I had only accepted on 18/10/2002 because if I took it I could have the camera + printer package.
The package was £100 when added to a PC in October. The Medion 2530 + CRT = £799, plus package at £100=£899 NOT £999
I have emailed Simon Turner thanking him for his reply and asking him to clarify the return. If I accept his offer as it stands, I will be £100 out-of-pocket and therefore, it is unacceptable. I have made no claim for my expenses, I want what I paid for and anything not compatible or missing rectified. I am willing to accept a CRT (compromising here - no room now for a CRT, desk bought will not accommodate it) + package at £100 plus the difference for C62 printer upgrade. However, not prepared to phone store to arrange this, have asked him to arrange and put it in writing.
I have not received a Return Receipt email from Simon Turner as I did first time, sent it again requesting read receipt.
This is an account of my experience of 'With you every step of the way'.
I can understand why the poll reads as it does.

Apologise for the length of this posting.

  Miss Happy 15:38 10 Jan 2003

Hmmm, apologies!

  Tenner 17:29 10 Jan 2003

Legal action required, I think. Or at least the threat of it. Appeal to a puter mag's legal help-line. Search ( above ) for others who have taken such action against, say, Lidl or Aldi or even PCW to see what course followed and advice received

Good luck.


  rickf 19:35 10 Jan 2003

Which? mag will help you if you submit your case, I think. They will be able to state your statutory rights in clear and uncertain terms for you with pcw. This has gone on long enough.

  Forum Editor 02:27 12 Jan 2003

running on this subject. Please stick to that one - it will cause less confusion.

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