Yet another noob asking for laptop advice

  TheSmokingFrog 23:45 30 May 2007

Hi everyone,

As I've got a growing family I thought I'd get a laptop to replace my desktop (and save on space). I think I've got it down to 3 contenders.

A Fujitsi Siemans Amilo M3438G
click here
A Acer Aspire 9301 WSMi
click here
A Toshiba Satellite p200-155
click here

Or anything else between those prices (or cheaper) that you care to suggest.

It will be used as a general purpose home PC (I even get to do a little gaming now and then).

In the words of the great Commandant Lussard

Many Many Many Thanks

  Kate B 23:58 30 May 2007

First laptop - a lot of money for what it is. It has an old processor and not enough ram. I suspect you could actually get Trading Standards interested in its claim to be a gaming laptop: you won't be able to play much more than Solitaire on that - it certainly won't handle demanding 3D games. Oh, and for a family laptop it's got a very small hard drive. And it runs XP, not Vista.

Second laptop: better value for money - bigger hard drive, Vista. But you still won't be able to play games - frankly, unless you're prepared to drop over a grand on a laptop they're not much use for gaming.

The Tosh is good value for money but it does worry me that they claim it's a "mobile gaming solution". At 3.27kg it's not very mobile - my laptop weighs 2.2kg and it feels like it weighs a ton by the time I get it to an airport gate - and it's not much cop for gaming, either.

  acxxxx 01:34 31 May 2007

Just bought this for a friend who wanted a laptop as his first computer

click here

Seems the same but 2GB ram

Good Points
Well built.
Keyboard good.
Specs as described.
Very nice screen.
Got what I expected at this price point.
Would get it for myself (as a desktop replacement)

Bad Points
Thought Vista was rubbish.
Thought Vista slowed the laptop down.
Too many pre-installed programs.

Have not tried games, though I doubt it would take well to the latest.

  wee eddie 08:31 31 May 2007

Forget your Base Unit, it could be either, Laptop or PC, think about the space the rest of your peripherals take up.

Printers, Scanners, Piles of CDs, External Drives, Routers, Game Pads and last but not least, bits of paper.

None of those will go away.

  v1asco 11:38 31 May 2007

As I have said elsewhere I have the Acer L100.

it is a small form desktop, the base unit will fit inside a box file.The 19 widescreen is good and it is quiet with normal use but can be noisier when gaming.

It will play doom3, which used to be a good test for gamers, but certainly does me. I got it for £400 at Tesco, the cheapest now seems to be click here .

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