Yes you've guessed it - Mesh!

  simonali 13:51 06 Jul 2005

I recently ordered a PC from Mesh over the phone and whilst doing so upgraded the monitor to a Viewsonic VX912. The salesperson recommended I order a DVI cable to go with it for the best quality picture, which I went along with. In between order and delivery I decided to look up some details of the monitor and looked at customer reviews on the dabs and savastore websites. Quite a few of the reviews mentioned that the VX912 came with both analogue and digital cables in the box, so I contacted Mesh by email and told them I wanted the DVI cable removed from my order. I then got a very curt phone call from Mesh sales explaining that the monitors they had in stock didn't have DVI cables included and that my order should stay as it was.
Anyway, come delivery day, I open the Viewsonic box and there on top is the DVI cable! I then email Mesh again asking if I can return the other, now surplus to reqirements, cable. No reply. I email them again. No reply. I then phone them and am told resolutely "You ordered it, you keep it!"
They've been very clever in not replying to my emails as it means I don't have any proof of what has been said. I feel I should be able to return this cable to Mesh for a refund as, in my opinion, I've been mis-sold it.

I know it's only £12, but any advice would be appreciated.

  TomJerry 14:27 06 Jul 2005

it is in Distance Selling Act.

You may ask for refund postage as it is due to wrong advice.

Phone them again to ask for return procedure and go from there.

  MESH Support 14:32 06 Jul 2005

Please email me your serial/order number and screen name (simonali) to [email protected]

I can't think of any reason why you would not be refunded for the cable and am surprised that you would be advised otherwise.


Mesh Support

  simonali 15:39 06 Jul 2005

I have sent you an email with my order number enclosed. If you can help with this matter it would be appreciated.

  Stuartli 13:40 07 Jul 2005

I've come across similar selling techniques before although I'm surprised about Mesh being involved.

In the cases I'm referring to it's been due to the person involved attempting to gain sales commission.

Perhaps there is a moral somewhere.

  spuds 18:56 07 Jul 2005

"Perhaps there is a moral somewhere"

Further training for Sales!.

  Stuartli 09:15 08 Jul 2005

I was thinking on the lines of a proper wage rather than a basic plus commission...:-)

Incentives are OK but all too often people abuse any system where money is involved.

  simonali 10:46 23 Jul 2005

Well, I'd like to be here stating that this episode is all put to bed, but it's not. Davey was very helpful and sorted out the return of the cable. It was collected on the 13th of July and the person I spoke to regarding the collection said I'd be getting some vouchers as way of an apology.

So far I've received nothing. No vouchers and no refund to my card. Is 10 days too short a time to process something as simple as this? I refuse to ring them because of their rudeness (Mesh should invest some of their profit in customer relation courses for their staff) and will carry on airing my woes here until it's sorted!

  Pooke 10:55 23 Jul 2005

think upto 28 days is the appropriate time frame.

  Forum Editor 11:09 23 Jul 2005

which you ordered online, the supplier has thirty days within which to refund your money. I know that in your case there are mitigating circumstances, but techincally you did order the cable.

Having said that, Mesh made an offer of vouchers, the refund amount is trifling, and the company might make an effort to speed things up, although legally they don't have to.

  simonali 11:15 23 Jul 2005

Technically, I tried to unorder the cable before despatch and they wouldn't let me!!

Thanks for the 30 day info, though. Is phone ordering the same as online ordering?

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