This years techology advances???

  BeesFan 12:35 19 Apr 2003

In the next few weeks I am looking to buy a top end PC for around £2500. I pay this amount because I tend to keep my PCs for a lengthy period and dont like chopping and changing. My current upgraded Pentium II has served me well for 5 years.

Anyway the point of this post is to ask whether I should hold off pending any imminent new whizz bang technology such as the Clawhammer from Athlon

I am fully aware that all tech is out of date the minute you buy it, but I would prefer not to miss out on a major 'milestone'

The system I am looking at will have an Athlon 3000 / Radeon 9800 plus all the trimmings

Any comments? or should I just buy the damn thing??? LOL

  powerless 13:33 19 Apr 2003

Buy the damn thing.

Intel have 800MHz FSB out sometime soon.

Intel also have the P4 3.6GHz CPU ummmmm i don't really know but it's out at least this year.

AMD also have 400MHz FSB out in May (i think) with the Barton core's.

There's also DDR 2 which is out now i think but from, when looking at the PC mags only a few are using the boards that support it.

Athlon 3000 will soon be replaced with the 3200.

9800 are new so they should be the bees kness for sometime.

Gainward are to be releasing liquid cooled Nvidia GPU's to prevent the nosie problem of the FX (from what i have read anyway).

Also there's the 256MB version of that card...

  Steve27 15:19 19 Apr 2003

I'd be happy to have your dilemma but concur with powerless just go and do the deed.

I think I have opted out of the dizzy upgrade circus (I am not an avid gamer)Athlon 1400 along with Dab Radio, broadband etc will last a very good while yet.

Mind you with £2500....?

  Paperback Writer 15:28 19 Apr 2003

I think you could get away with spending £1000 LESS to be honest and still have an excellent system.

Have a peep at some of the reviews on this site.

You certainly seem to have a healthy budget to buy the new system but I concur with your thoughts as to the time to buy incase of those "Milestone" moments. So my thoughts would be.....

Build it yourself!

You have the money to spend on excellent kit and could incorporate it into something like a Coolermaster or Lian Li aliminuim case which you simply would never see in most manufactured pc's. You would also find that this is by far the best way to lean how to keep the pc up to date. For example, you have upgraded your PII, so when you have your own new system, if you do want just the motherboard and CPU in future you can just upgrade those. It works out much better and cheaper (I find) to keep abrest with the changes in technology and by building yourself you know exactly what goes into the system, (By which I mean the brand of memory, the make of hard drive, wheter it has Fluid Dynamic bearings and therefore quiet, what heatsink and PSU - are they quiet, etc etc.

You may spend £2500 on an excellent machine but then discover that corners have been cut in these areas (as well as the case) which take something away from the pleasure.

Go for top notch kit that you have decided on yourself and this will not be a problem.

  BeesFan 17:49 19 Apr 2003

Perhaps I should have made it clear that the computer is 60/40 for work as Im self-employed from home.

The graphics card would be an indulgence as I do like to play the latest games.

When I said I upgraded my PII I meant changing graphics card and adding hard drives. Im not really in the build it yourself league and in any event, if it fails I need someone to shout at to get it fixed next day (hopefully)

The best value mainstream system Ive seen recently is the Mesh 3000 Extreme, but they dont exactly seem too popular in terms of customer support.

Im not really bothered if theres gonna be an Athlon 3200 as opposed to a 3000, more if the Clawhammer technology is going to be a radical leap forward.

I only spend the most I can afford as its what ive alwayd done and it gives your machine the longest lifespan - as far as you are ever able to

Thanks for the responses though - keep em coming! I must admit Evesham would be my preferred supplier. Ive always bought Dell in the past, but just recently they have become very uncompetitive on price

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:15 19 Apr 2003

I use three computers, 350Mhz, 800Mhz and 2Ghz. To be truthful there is little difference in speed using photo-editing applications and any of the MS XP Office Professional apps (XP Office pro is on the 350 and the 2Ghz and each computer has various photo-editing suites). You will probably ONLY notice a difference on gaming. If I were to buy a fast computer I would be trotting off to Evesham, they have many satisfied customers. A £1200ish computer would do the same job even gaming unless you are seriously into refresh rates and game file cache access.


  DieSse 21:25 19 Apr 2003

suggest you look at this review of the latest intel chipset click here

before you choose amd.

  Iceman1978 00:26 20 Apr 2003

I like the look of the alienware pcs their styling and machine spec is pretty good. Although they seem a tad overpriced, could do with more configuration options as well.

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