Yay for Novatech

  sdf 20:44 14 Jan 2004

today Novatech proved to me once again why I always look at them first and religiously defend them etc in supplier debates. I have a TFT monitor with built in tv card from them (£220 11 months ago ain't a bad price for it either!). Really is a cracking piece of kit, anyway, the TV funtion started playing up the last couple of days so yesterday I gave them a ring to report it. it turns out this item has a 3 year on site warranty so as from 9:30 this morning i have a NEW monitor, with the added bonus that its a sexy silver one as opposed to the garish cream one from before! top notch service as always, so well done Novatech

  rickf 08:17 15 Jan 2004

Novatech has always been good in my experience. They may be a £ or 2 more but always responsible.

  R4 15:15 15 Jan 2004

In my experience Novotech offer good reasonably price goods and the service is very good.

'It really Does what it says on the Tin'

  Dragon Heart 12:05 16 Jan 2004

Got my first inkjet printer from them, an Epson 500, it started to play up after about 11 months so contacted Novatech. They apologised for not being able to help directly but gave me direct contact number for Epson, result ? new printer within a week !
The sales & tech staff do not know everything but they try their best, always polite even if your only after something for a couple of £'s.

  Gary 14:39 16 Jan 2004

I recently bought a DVD player from Novatech, which developed a fault with one of the surround sound channels. I was told that I would have to return it to them for assessment - AT MY EXPENSE, and that there was no way to claim back the postage costs. Further, it could take up to 28 days for me to receive a replacement, because they store up faulty returns and assess them in batches - i.e. they wait until all the DVD players they are expecting back arrive and then test them all together! Then, once they are tested, even if they are faulty, they won't ship a replacment to you, but pass it on to the manufacturer, who then tests it again, confirms it's faulty and dispatches a new one.

I asked why it needs to be tested twice, and was advised that it didn't have to be - I could send it back to the manufacturer directly if I didn't want to wait 28 days.

I spoke to the manufacturer on the phone and arranged to return it and they promise to return if within 5 days!

But, I was still left to pay the postage costs back to them - £18.50!!! The player only cost £50 new!

Needless to say, I don't share your enthusiasm about their support.

  Cook2 20:54 16 Jan 2004

Novatech - Brilliant.

Say no more.

  stylehurst 17:07 17 Jan 2004

I've used Novatech for about 5 years & always found their service first rate.

  Diemmess 17:42 17 Jan 2004

Happy to endorse the majority view about the integrity of Novatech.

Above all, I've learned to trust them to respond to faulty goods with a slow but sure returns procedure.

They even refunded the charge for an obscure replacement CDROM in a laptop (which would have been major engineering to replace), on the grounds that it was purchased unseen.

Long may such service continue to benefit both Novatech and their customers.

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