Yamada DVR 9000H Multi Region Crack Code

  rickf 14:33 28 Oct 2006

Has anyone on the forum got this DVD HD Recorder? If so do you know the code for making it multi region? Just got back from Canada and bought a couple of Region 1 DVDS assuming my player's Multi Region but it is not. Any info. help much apprciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:54 28 Oct 2006
  rickf 15:30 28 Oct 2006

Thanks Gandalf for the quick reply. Howvever, under Hacks for my recorder it says the hack is for Lireon 5005. Do you think th4e code is the same for mine. Cheers

  rodriguez 15:34 28 Oct 2006

Just remember that USA/Canada DVDs and videos are in the NTSC video format and we use PAL. So even if you get the player to play the disc, it might come out black & white. Most DVD players will output an NTSC disc in PAL anyway so it will look fine but some (like mine) put out the original NTSC signal so a UK TV that can only display a PAL image won't handle it.

DVDs from USA/Canada, Japan will be NTSC and DVDs from Europe, Austrailia/NZ, China will be in PAL.

  Vangeliska 15:38 28 Oct 2006

The hack will work, many units are made by different companies from what the badge says. Also your NTSC disc should playback with no problem.

  rodriguez 15:42 28 Oct 2006

I think Liteon, Yamada, UMAX are part of the same company anyway so it should work (they're all German) and your NTSC disc should be fine as long as the player converts it to a PAL signal before it goes to the TV (and most do).

  rickf 16:14 28 Oct 2006

HI All,
It works fine. Thje buttons on the remote are very sensitive so needs patience. It worked on the 5th attempt.
Thanks all.

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